8 Common Struggles Faced By Nutrition Freaks

Nutrition freaks

Nutrition freaks – Without a doubt, nutrition is a core element to living healthy.

You may be taking nutrition to heart, but when the entire practice goes overboard, complementary struggles take over. They not only affect you, but also the people around you.

As time goes by, you see yourself becoming the villain in other people’s life, while you yourself enjoy the so-called perks.

Here are the struggles you face when you enter the nutrition freaks zone –

You become one of the most hated persons in your social circle because you never eat street food. People love variety and you can find that in street food. But when it is your goal to keep away from these items, it tends to piss off people.

hated in group

Hated within the social circle

During your conversations, you tend to gloat about how healthy you are, thanks to the nutritional diets you follow. In the process, you also encourage (…or manipulate) others to change their diet. Again, this ticks off people massively. Leave them alone!

gloat about health

You give tips to people on changing their diets

You carry a lot of baggage, literally. The bags that accompany you to your college/office include several containers comprising varieties of food. You also carry two bottles of liquid – one, water and the second, energy drinks.

carry many bags

You carry too many bags

Most meals that you eat either include salads or items that are low in carbohydrates. While eating with others, your plate looks like the one of that person who cannot afford a healthy meal.

salad gif

Your diet comprises foods low on carbs

People recognise you for the person you are; in this case, your diet. So more often than not, you get ignored during social gatherings where your friends plan a night out of binge eating and alcoholic drinks.

not invited

You are ignored for social events

You also cannot host a party, for they usually comprise attendees eating foods that are high on carbs as well as low on them. Your food cabinet contains organic items – veggies, fruits and… nutrition tablets.

cannot host party

Ample organic foods prevent you from hosting parties

Attending social gatherings is not an option for you either. Meeting new people and constantly explain them about your diet with them judging you become embarrassing after some time. Being present at social events is a strict no.

social gathering

You do not attend social events

Finally, when in a restaurant with your friends, you may get the desire to indulge in junk food, but your prudish policies about nutrition stop you from pampering yourself.

restaurant options

Restaurant food options are limited

These are the common struggle faced by nutrition freaks –

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