She Doesn’t Want You To Do What She has Done !

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In Love – Loving someone is a crazy feeling and most of the times we just end up committing huge mistakes.

Whether it is falling in love with them or leaving everything behind to be with them, it just happens in the heat of the moment and when love is that strong, we believe in forgetting the consequences.

Same thing happened with this woman who fell in love and thought he is the only important thing in her life.

Well, maybe he was the most important thing for her, but for him, she was just a part and not the only part. So, she left everything for the guy she loved and now she wants to tell you to never do that.

Here’s her story:

I fell in love at an early age and for me, it was all that I could have ever asked for. He was the best man I have ever seen in my life and things were perfect every time he was around me. As much as I loved him, he loved me too and we were like the best couple anyone ever saw. So, when he got a job offer after college, he had to move to another country. Being so much in love with me, he decided to take me along and asked me to marry him.

My parents were happy because he was a great guy and we got married in just few days. In all that craziness and love, I somehow forgot one thing – What about my own life? Yes, I loved him and I wanted to be with him forever. But at the same time, I wanted to do something with my life too but I let it all go because of being in love.

As soon as we shifted in USA, I liked the initial days as it was almost like honeymoon. But soon he got busy in work and all I had was nothing. My qualifications weren’t enough to get me a job there, I didn’t have any experience, I didn’t know anyone in USA and all I had was just a home and a husband who used to come late and sleep.

Things became frustrating for me slowly and I became annoyed day by day. My behavior led to a lot of fights between us and one day I told him that I regret marrying him and shifting here. Though he never forced me to not follow my dreams, I blamed it all on him. As a consequence, the only important thing of my life wanted to leave me and now all I am left with is nothing. I spoiled my own relationship and now all I can dream of is to start over again. So, before you go on taking quick decisions because of being in love, remind yourself how happy or sad you will be with the results.”

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