10 Funny Reasons Why A Motorcycle Is Better Than A Car

Motorcycle is better than a car

Motorcycle is better than a car – We all know the real pleasure of biking; the high adrenaline rush to speed fast every possible object on road. It is a different experience all together. If you love to ride your bikes, you would certainly appreciate some of the points that we are going to discuss below.

If you face a situation where you have to make a choice between a motorcycle and a car, then you should know that bikes have a lot to offer.

Here are some points to explain how Motorcycle is better than a car :

Motorcycle is better than a car –

Easy to fit

Just image the amount of space a car takes. You can easily fit 2-3 bikes into the same space that a car takes. Bikes make maximum utilization of small space. Moreover, there is always a parking fight going on.

Low fuel consumption

Bikes consume low fuel, but offer double the mileage. It is economical. No wonder most college kids prefer bikes over car. It’s stylish and saves money.

Bikes outperform cars

Yes, face it folks bikes are faster and better. Besides offering the best riding experience, bikes can outperform cars any day. Sure, some great cars can keep up with Hayabusas, but they also can cost you a fortune.

Build your own bike

If you are mechanically inclined, you can easily rebuild your bike. And that would not take much hard work. Even if you are not particularly skilled in painting the body, you can still restructure and remodel your bike.

Cost effective

Motorcycles cost a lot less than cars. Even if you want to buy a collector or classic bikes, they would come at a much lower price than a very plain used car. You can have a cool bike without having to spend too much money.

Bikers are safe

No matter how much you argue, bikers are a lot safer compared to car drivers. After all they don’t text while riding, unlike most of the car drivers.  Agree, don’t you?

Bike rides are often cozy

Pleasure of biking lies in coziness. And if you really want to get closer to your pillion just make sure you brake a little quicker for the next stop. Well, don’t do that too often. Too much of naughtiness is not good.

Smell fresh air

Biking ensures that you take in fresh air. Best bike riding experience is all about smelling the pine trees, feeling the air on your face, and experiencing the joy and pleasure of riding.

Develop your balance

Ride your bikes to develop your balance and coordination skills. Clutch and brake levers for your hands, shift gears and brake with your feet, and always learn to balance with your slow speed. Many drivers don’t bother to do that.

No acceleration recall

Lastly, for biking there has never been a recall for unintended bike acceleration.

Motorcycle is better than a car – Well these are some of our takes on how bikes are better than four wheelers. How many more reasons can you add? Well feel free to share them in the comments below. Naughty ones are anticipated!

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