This Korean Has Used Illustrations To Express How Falling In Love Looks Like!

Falling in love looks like

How falling in love looks like – Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the love. Not that love is a destination sort of final feeling, it’s a slow process and the best part is that ‘process’ of feeling every element of falling in love.

The best form of expressing feelings is not through words but through ART. Art is the best representation of feelings and it makes it so easy for people to understand each and every aspect of it. This Korean illustrator used his art of showing what falling in love feels like and no matter what; you’ll be able to connect to it very smoothly.

Let’s go on a bumpy and experience how falling in love looks like:

Falling in love looks like – 

1 – Spending time together is the best thing you can ask for in a relationship. Being together, staying close to each-other, hugging, cuddling etc. are some of the things which have absolutely no replacements in the entire universe. The closeness that you have with the love of your life is invaluable.

2 – Sleeping together is another amazing thing that can happen to you. Dreams don’t matter anymore when you’re sleeping with the one of your life because you feel like as if the entire universe has wrapped its arms around you, what else will someone need after that?

3 – Feeling safe with each-other come in-hand with falling in love. You fall in love with everything about them. When you are with them, you feel as if you’re home. You feel cozy, safe and secure with them. Love is all about that coziness!

4 – Talking to each-other is everything that you want. Talking to your love is the only most effective stress-buster for you. You just cannot keep anything inside in-front of them and let it all out. Only the love of your life has the capability to make you feel lighter and better in that way.

5 – The little kisses play an important part in your relationship. Embracing each-other and placing small, out-of-love kisses on your partner’s body gives you those jitters which nothing else can. Those chills rise straight from the heart and it’s the most beautiful and romantic feeling ever.

6 – Comforting each-other is all that you need to do when you have to console your partner or free them from their worries. Just a touch-of-love has that charming ability to rejuvenate your partner from the bone to the flesh. Trust me, when down, your partner only needs you and nothing else.

7 – Dancing together is so amazing. It’s an activity which is romantic, fun, passionate and engulfing at the same time. Dancing together can range from holding each-other close to jumping on the bed on your favorite jam. Dancing brings out the little child in you both.

8 – Taking long walks is a must for a couple. Talking, holding hands, observing your surrounding and what not. Walking together gives you the most needed quality time and you should never miss a chance to avail the journey to this beautiful path to collecting memories.

This is how Falling in love looks like – Isn’t love so beautiful? It’s one of those feelings which feel beautiful as well as look beautiful at the same time. These illustrations according to me have done complete justice to what love feels like. Just like the original feeling, it gave me butterflies in my tummy. Did that happen to you as well?

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