Here’s What The Shape Of Your Lips Reveal About Your Personality

Shape of your lips

“Shape of your lips”

Every feature of our face reveals a lot more about the way we carry ourselves.

It happens many a time that people or simply even we notice the lips of the person who is talking with us. Agree? To be frank I do notice. And there’s nothing wrong about it because just like our eyes talk; the shape of our lips talk too.

Most importantly it reveals what kind of a person you are in your life.

Well, what is the shape of your lips? Read below and find out what it says about you.

  1. Fuller Pouty Lips

If your upper and lower lip is fuller then it means you’re a confident and gutsy lady. Many tend to inject and make ‘em fuller but that doesn’t change the personality. So make sure it is natural.

Shape of your lips

  1. Fuller Lower Lip

There are many who have only their lower lip puffy. It indicates that you’re someone who loves seeking attention from others. You’re one of a kind- Someone who always wants to be a centre of the attraction.

Shape of your lips

  1. Fuller Upper Lip

You’re a drama queen. Yep, that’s what your lips say about you.

You love controlling people and yes you’re a bit of self-seeking too.

Shape of your lips

4.Thin Lips

Women with thin-lips are very detail oriented. Yes, they love enjoying life to the fullest, are shy a bit and they are said to be a passionate-lover.

Shape of your lips

5. Wide Lips

Women with wide stretched lips are said to be risk taker and they reach out for success too. Well if you’re one of ‘em then your lip shape reveals that you’re an expert in balancing things in your life.

Shape of your lips

6. Cupid Bow’s Lips

Firstly, the one with cupid lips are very attractive and they are full of imagination.

They are romantic and also quick minded.

Shape of your lips

7. Fuller In The Midst Of Upper And Lower Lip

The one with thinness around the corner of lips are said to be fun-loving and out-going as well.

You are dramatic but a beautiful soul altogether.

Shape of your lips

So, what does the shape of your lips revealed about you? Any queries? Let us know in a comment below.

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