Girls Driving These 5 Sexy Cars Are An Instant Hit Among Guys! Ask Why?


Till a few years back, cars have been a craze amongst the boys only!

They have been totally a man thing, only until recently, that the number of female drivers increased considerably. Today, spotting a female driver on the road is not a head turning event anymore!

The industry too has reacted to this trend and various automotive companies got down to crafting some sexy looking models, those are women friendly and scream feminism. Plus, a confident girl driving a sturdy yet classy car, becomes an instant hit amidst boys, you cannot disagree with me here.

These 5 sexy cars are a rage among girls and those driving them are absolute boy favourites. Find out why!

Honda Brio:

Honda, well known for the designs of their cars, came up with this perfect small car for the ladies of the metro towns. Honda Brio is a cute hatchback with amazing looks that also gives the woman driver, extreme driving pleasure. This car is available in 6 colour variants, but looks its best in flaming Red, which of course is girls favourite too. Starting from a price range of Rs. 4.21 Lakhs (showroom price), there is an automatic model also available for about Rs. 6.79 lakhs (showroom price). This car is a perfect match for all the young and happening lasses out there.



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