Decoding your guy: What his actions say

Decoding your guy: What his actions say

Women are blessed with that miracle called the ‘sixth sense’ and it takes them just one look to find out what their men are up to. But if your sixth sense is a bit sloppy these days, here’s how you can decode you guy, read on:

When he says ‘Hmm hmm’ on the phone:
Most, if not all, guys have this tendency to say ‘hmmm’ on the phone. This one is really simple, actually. He is bored. He has heard your ‘crap’ a lot of times and knows everything you’re going to say. When the ‘hmm’ starts coming, it’s you cue to disconnect the call. As an aside, have you seen any woman pull off this on the phone? NEVER!

When he firmly says no to something:
May be you asked him for something or sought his permission regarding some stuff and he said no point blank. Ah, well. It may come as a surprise to you, but it actually means that he cares about you more than you give him credit for. The reason for the firm ‘no’ could be many, but it’s sure in your interest. So, worry not.

Doesn’t express much:
Ah, the classic trait. Unlike women, who profess and proclaim their love 24 times in 24 hours, men are less expressive. They don’t generally say what’s on their mind, unless a good deal of alcohol is involved. But these are the also the kinds that will stay loyal and love you with all their heart. They don’t express because they don’t like to be cheesy and if they have you, they don’t feel the need to constantly say ‘I love you’.

Gets possessive:
There are two ways of looking at it. It can either be healthy ‘affection’ or obsession bordering on craziness. Watch out for early signs like, does he let you hang out with your male buddies? does he call you 40 times an hour when you’re out with some colleagues? These little signs will help you understand your guy better and make you avoid confrontations later.

Springs surprises:
This is the kind we all love! He says he is out of town on your birthday, but springs a cool surprise on you with your favorite flowers and gifts…oooh. What does that say? That he loves you a lot, silly! Also, he knows that you consider him an important part of you life and his mere ‘showing up’ will cheer you up to no end. Watch out, ladies…he can take advantage of this trait of yours…