Ladies, These Compliments Will Make Your BF Extremely Happy!

Compliment For Guys

Compliment For Guys – Ladies, have you ever complemented a man? Have you seen his expression during that moment? Didn’t you felt that men seriously love compliments?

Honestly, they love it more than you think. You know, it makes them tremendously happy and thus there’s always a sudden smile on their face. Just like a girl who loves to hear “Hey, you’re so beautiful”, there are compliments that men loves to hear too. For ladies, who are committed, I’m pretty sure that you must be expecting compliments from your BF. You know what; secretly your BF must be expecting it from you as well. Yep, that’s absolutely possible.

So, in terms of complimenting girls, guys get it real quick. But, girls are somewhat confused i.e. what should I say and stuff? Frankly, you don’t have to be creative with your words, ‘cause simple ones are appreciated too.

Here are compliment for guys –

  1. I’m proud of you

This one is No.1 compliment that every man on this earth wants to hear. So, whenever your BF does something worth appreciating let him know that you’re so proud of him. Trust me; it’ll not only make him happy but it’ll indirectly encourage him to do better things and be a good person.

  1. I feel safe around you

This will definitely make him feel responsible but in a good way. He will like the fact that you feel good to be with him and he’ll appreciate it too. In the end, he’ll always make sure to protect you more and more.

  1. You look very handsome

Every girl expects a guy to compliment her when she’s wearing a new dress etc, right? Just like that, every man expects a girl to look at him and compliment him about his body and appearance. For e.g. you can say “You look very handsome” or “You also look very handsome in your messy hair”… 😉

  1. I love the way you tackle situations

Trust me; this one works like a magic. You know, there are always problems in a relationship be it personal or relationship-based. Guys have their own technique of solving the problems, so if your BF has amazing techniques, then give him this compliment.

I’m sure that he’s gonna love it.

  1. You always bring the best out of me

This sweet compliment is something that every man would love to hear from his special lady. It indirectly gives him a sense of inner satisfaction too. This is like another biggest compliment that will make him a better person.

  1. You’ve a good sense of humor

Mostly men try to make girls laugh as much as they can. So, when your BF is really trying hard to make you laugh with jokes, tell him sweetly that “You’ve a good sense of humour”.

  1. I love your voice

You know how guys say “I like your smile”, just like that in a way; you can tell your BF that “I love your voice”. It’ll make him 100% blush. He’ll actually think about it whenever he is talking to you. Isn’t that great?

This was all about the compliment for guys. Ladies, do you have anything to add? Comment below.

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