Sharad Yadav Finds New Way To Make Headlines, Receives Flak From People!

Sharad Yadav

JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav has made a crass, inhumane and sexist comment on the complexion issues of India, especially targeting the south Indian women. This reckless move by him came while a debate on the government’s Insurance Bill had been on-going in Rajya Sabha.

Don’t get the connection between the Insurance Bill and the comment, right? Neither do I.

This is what the JD (U) President rambled on the obsession of the average Indian population on fair skin:

“Your God is dark like Ravi Shankar Prasad, (who at that time, was present in the house) but your matrimonial ads insist on white-skinned brides,”Yadav said. “The women of the south are dark but they are as beautiful as their bodies…We don’t see it here. They aren’t made like this here. They know dance.”

While the male members of the parliament were having fun moments when Yadav made such an insensitive statement, the women members were left speechless and did not know what or how to say after this inhumane act.

The President also did not think it would be fair to leave the recent case of Leslee Udwin’s documentary, India’s Daughter that was based on the interview of the rapists and the lawyers defending the rapists of the gang-rape incident of December 16 in New Delhi. He claimed that “she must have got permissions easily because of her white skin.”

While DMK President was against such unwelcome remarks by Yadav and asked him to focus on the subject of discussion, the latter justified himself saying that there was no harm in having a non-serious discussion.

Many Twitteratis have resorted to the social micro-blogging site; while many criticised his sexist statements,  referring it as ‘disgusting’ and the man as a ‘nincompoop’, some have even taken sarcastic hits at Yadav.


But, there are even some who defended him, and yes, that too from a political party.

JD (U) leader, KC Tyagi commented on Yadav’s selection of words, saying that though the words he used were wrong, his intention was clear.

What could have possibly been his intention when he said that “here people are awed by fair skin. In our matrimonials too, we look for gori, gori (fair skin)”?

If this is the way Yadav proposed to describe the increase of Foreign Direct Investment from 26 per cent to 49 per cent, then it is time we tell our ministers how to use analogies, examples and illustrations.

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