Five Good Things Modi Government Has Done For India For Which We Are Proud Of !

Modi Government

Modi Government – Narendra Singh Modi, the mighty man who came into power in 2014 has come up with many initiatives that were absolutely new to the country.

Though he and his government were criticized for many of those initiatives, nothing could stop the Modi Government from bringing the change.

Here are some good things that Modi Government has got for the country. Check these out; they’ll make you all proud.

  1. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

This initiative of Mr. Modi was an absolute hit among the members of the general public. With the launch of this mission, he has made sure that the unhygienic conditions prevalent in the country are cleaned away. This mission gained more popularity and acceptance when film stars joined the ‘Clean India Mission’. This mission not only aimed at cleaning the unhygienic conditions of roads, villages etc – but also focused on way to attain hygiene country by building more of public utility toilets, segregation of waste system and many more.

  1. The economic strategies

The Modi Government brought in many economic reforms in the country, just with a view to make the country economically stable. They also got in drastic changes with the help of FDI’s (Foreign Direct Investment) in the sectors of railways, defense etc.

  1. Jan Dhan Yojana

Mr. Modi in August 2014 came up with the Jan Dhan Yojana that instructed people to have at least one bank account for a family. The mission provided various financial assistance’s to people by way of pension plans, savings account, insurance cover and many other.

  1. Infrastructural development

The mission aimed at developing 100 smart cities in the country with a budget of Rs. 7,060 crores. With this smart move we are already seeing the infrastructural development that is being carried out well by bullet train projects, metro, railway corridors and many others.

  1. Foreign relations

The Modi Government also aimed at improving the foreign relationships. This further developed the facilitated the FDI’s into the various sectors of the country.

These were some of the good missions that the Modi Government initiated and that the members of the general public accepted well and making them super success. Thanks to the amazing Modi Ji.

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