Republic Day Special: Does The Youth Of This Republic Actually Care?

We are an incredibly young nation. While the politics is becoming more and more youth centric, the youth is ignorant and careless about their responsibilities towards the nation. They even lack the basic knowledge of their country!

We are an incredibly young nation. The youth of our nation are supposed to be the pioneers of tomorrow. In fact, the politics in our country, over a period of time, has become youth centric. The whole debate regarding upcoming general election is about how to woo youth of the country.

But the disillusionment of youth about politics remains the same. They do not go deep into any of the matter. They consider protests, candle light vigils and dharnas a form of politics. No doubt they are a part of the democratic set-up but slogan shouting is not politics.

Many of them did not even vote till recently. Thanks to the voting campaigns by the Election Commission, assembly elections in various states last year saw a good voter turnout from among youth.

But where is the real participation?

None of the young minds of our country consider politics as a viable career option. They do not even care what is happening in politics of the country. They read just the headlines or catch only highlights of a news. They do not even care who is their leader or minister for that matter.

Thanks to Aam Aadmi Party, the country saw a surge of youth movement in India. But it is the same till date – protests, vigils and dharnas. Despite AAP’s spectacular debut in Delhi elections and despite it forming the government, the idea of politics and the knowledge of governance has not seeped into them. It was evident during the recent horrible actions AAP and its leaders carried out. Also, they reek of ignorance and arrogance which can be a possible poison for their fall.

But this video here shows that the debate is much smaller. The youth of the country are ignorant about the simple knowledge of their country. These are not some youth from remote villages deprived of education and exposure, but they are from metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

With this attitude, the politicians, who we blame to play us all the time, will continue to do so. Time is to stand up and get our hands dirty. Understand politics of our country and understand our duty. For we have to run this country tomorrow.

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