World’s Lengthiest Movie And its Interesting Facts

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Movies or series are the best way of entertainment but did ever anyone could imagine that the length of the movies did matter. The lengthiest movie was released in 2012; the name of the movie is “Logistics”. Generally, movies have a length of 2 hours to 15 minutes or till three hours but this movie is 35 days and 17 hours. Directed and written by Erika Magnusson and Daniel Anderson, from Sweden on 1st December 2012.

Few of the important facts of this movie “Logistics”:-

  • Though the movie was released in 2012 it was world premiered in 2014, at the Fringe Film festival in Shenzhen. Production was in real-time while the ‘it was created traveling from Stockholm to the factory in China. A unique concept was observed in the experimental documentary movie that was based on the production of the factory’s good cycle of Pedometer in reverse chronological order.
  • The journey of this World’s longest movie has covered Insjon, Gothenburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Algeciras, Malaga, and then ended in the factory of Shenzhen. Journey on the rails, sea path, and roads describing the real-time consumption of transportation.
  • Why should you watch the movie? Mostly one should watch the movies; firstly it is the record-making long movie that covers 35 days and 17 hours. Secondly, it can provide the experience of the real time journey though the casting of the “Logistics”.

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  • The World’s lengthiest movie which mentions the connection between time and consumption of products had sponsors to funding. The fund to the completion was provided by Innovativ Kultur Foundation and Kulturbyrggan.
  • Freight journey from the raw materials to the factory of China. The route was initiated by the train from Stockholm and then it traveled through the sea path. The sea route was of four weeks from Gothenburg then transferred to the truck till the last destination to Bao’an.
  • The movie “Logistics” was shown in the “Holy Independent Space”, it is an art festival that was in Dresden, Germany from 21st June to 12 June 2015.
  • An essential part of the movie to be cast was to show the entire world the reality of the transportation of the Logistic materials. It does take time for the whole process, not as faster as consumers expect to be quick on digital platforms.
  • The exceptional part of the conceptualized movie is with a strong structure, which involves not only a long journey but a real phase about electronic plastic products.
  • Before the world’s lengthiest movie “Logistics” in 2012, it was in 2011 that the documentary movie “Modern times forever” was the longest, with a length of 240 hours picturized in the Dutch language. In the same year, Untitled #125 released that was 120 hrs or long as 5 days.

Logistics has been one of the popular movies with the details about the electronic products, popular as showcasing its importance under the consumer’s demands. Consumers can know about the real-time journey of more than a month of the products from Stockholm to China. 





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