6 Dangerous Places of The World Where People Still Reside

Dangerous places

Dangerous places – Judging by Darwin’s theory, survival of the fittest, a social group that puts up a fight against the drudgeries of harsh nature, survives.

Well, argumentatively, no place is immune from danger, one can slip in his bathroom and be buried under the fallen roof if earthquake strikes. Life ushers us into surprises and just when we think we are secured, hardships emerge. While we are unwilling to budge from our comfort zones, there are people who turn danger into their crony.

These are the 10 gruesomely dangerous places where people inhabit as they were born to do it.

Dangerous places in the world –

  1. Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone:

The Soviet Union declared this as an exclusion zone within a radius of 18 miles around the nuclear power point, the reactor number 4 in Chernobyl where a disaster occurred in 1886. Thick mosses of radioactive clouds were seen for days as far as Sweden leaving this area desolate and a carcass like village of abandoned houses and towns. This area is spread across 1000 miles and despite knowing the danger, 180 residents came back to live here for dying in peace. Their economy is based on tourism with a hotel, a bar, a post office and a supermarket to lean on.

2. City of the dead:

Followed by the population spurt in Cairo, Egypt, a larger number of population decided to inhabit in city’s cemeteries. It is outright illegal but is low-cost too. The people that leave here demand a relocation of the government. As many as half a million people live amidst the graveyards who cook around the tombs and reside with the dead for company.

3. The refugee camp on a minefield:

The refugee camp of Gulan is quite unlike other shitty tent places. This is from no which angle a safe haven when you escape from war. This is located in a life minefield which was earlier desolate where earlier the enormous last-resort battle between the Mujahideen and The Soviet Union took place around late 1980s. There are landmines planted across miles where at least 24,000 inhabitants reside as of now. But thankfully, not even a single person died until now as the place is a live wire.

4. Village of deadly snakes:

There is a place called Musharu in India where poisonous snakes maintain a co-existence with humans. People, undaunted as they are, live a very simple life there and villagers comprehend the snakes as the re-incarnation of the goddess Jankeshwari and only the descendants of a Brahmin family can touch them. Surprisingly, the snakes don’t bite, even if they do, the villagers take a dip in the pond and rub some mud in the affected area for a cure.

5. The village on an active volcano:

Want to know what almost fearlessly embracing death is? Go to Aogashima where people literally sleep on an active Volcano which has not been exploded for 230 years. The 200 residents of the village hence still feel safe irrespective of the volcano being declared as active by Japanese Meteorogical Agency. The island is however a tourist place for having natural hot baths, free cooking pots and breathtaking hiking trails.

6. The Cold Pole:

There is a place called Frigid Taiga, 3000 miles East of Moscow, in the heart of Siberia, sits Verkhoyansk. This is the oldest city in the Arctic circle. In the banks of the Yana river, there is the deadliest winter that is survived by generations of humans. Approximately 1500 people live there where the sunlight falls only for 5 hours a day from September to March whereas Winter temperatures typically fall between (-)60 and (-)40 degrees Farenheit. In the late 19th century, it went as low as (-)90 degrees. Beat that!

These are Dangerous places in the world –  Are you on the edge of your seat already?

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