What The Sports Fraternity Is Expecting From PM Narendra Modi

On his inauguration of being elected as the President of the Gujarat Cricket Association in 2009, Narendra Modi said these words as quoted in The Indian Express.

On his inauguration of being elected as the President of the Gujarat Cricket Association in 2009, Narendra Modi said these words as quoted in The Indian Express, “This is my first day. In one or two weeks time we will decide our plans to develop and propagate cricket and will also plan to use cricket’s popularity in encouraging other sports. We will also try to create an environment where cricket players and sportspersons get respect and pride.”

But besides cricket, India in sports has failed to develop ahead. Even though we have produced national stars in Badminton (Saina Nehwal), Tennis (Somdev Devvarman) and Football (Sunil Chhetri); we still lack the prowess and magnitude to take on the heavyweights of the world. Reason – lack of infrastructure and Money! Why does cricket grow in India? Answer is simple – BCCI has loads of cash stuffed inside their pockets and with the inclusion of IPL, many budding youngsters want to pursue careers in cricket. Sad situation though but with the incoming of former Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi, can we expect ‘Acche Din Aane Wale Hai’ in our sporting fraternity. Can Modi turn the fortunes of sports in our nation? Olympic gold, anyone? Mr. Modi, here is what our sports fraternity is expecting from you:

1. Change the Football infrastructure:
Modi’s new cabinet saw the induction of Sarbananda Sonowal take charge as a Minister of State (Independent Charge) of Youth Affairs and Sports. India is poised to host the U-17 FIFA World Cup in the 2017 but our infrastructure, stadium facilities, seating, lack of fans etc. have been a major disappointment for football as a sport in India. Our Indian team has failed to deliver on big occasions and the AIFF hardly puts on a serious hat! Along with Narendra Modi, if our new Sports minister Sarbananda Sonowal take an ‘indepth’ look into the matter of why we are lacking as a footballing nation, then really, we can expect ‘acche din aane waale hai’ in football.

2. Hockey’s revival:
When legendary hockey player and chief coach of India’s 1975 World Cup winning team, Balbir Singh Sr said that ‘hockey in India is a poor man’s game’; indeed it is! As compared to the likes of cricket, our hockey stars are paid relatively less. Furthermore, they receive poor facilities and the infrastructure is hapless. We do not promote women’s hockey and that’s why our teams receive a bashing at World Cups and other tourneys. PM Modi, can we extricate the evils thronging our Hockey organisation and inculcate your fresh ideas into it!

3. Give Olympic sports a go!
Mr.Modi, you may have noticed that our country won medals in the last Olympics held in London (2012). This was a sign of better things to come from these sportsmen who are not supported from the associations. In order to brighten the sunshine in our Olympic village, can you please reinstate some rules and regulations and also, shun out those ‘corrupted’ head honchos and bring in a sportsman who would think as a sportsman!

4. Promote talent from the villages
We’ve seen MS Dhoni (cricket), Dola Banerjee (archery), V. Ragunath (hockey) have scripted fairytales. From small-towners to making it big on the international scene, these were one of the many sports stars who pushed themselves to the extreme to achieve the goal of success. Even though these superstars had the financial facility and coaching standards to back them, unfortunately, rest of our countrymen DO NOT! If Mr. Modi can have a detailed look into this matter ASAP and get back our glory days, once again!

5. A Gujarat IPL team
Last but not the least, with the backing of Mr. Narendra Modi, one can expect a formation of an IPL team from the state of Gujarat. Ahmedhabad, Baroda, Gandhinagar etc. be what may, anticipating a newly formed team under the leadership of our new Prime Minister.

Our Indian sports fraternity expects BIG from our new Prime Minister. In today’s age, our budding players have to earn a living to step onto the big stage. Their families have seen darker days to make their son/daughter grow as a superstar. And that’s where WE want it to stop, Mr. Modi! Hoping for a better living.

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