Hidden Sports Feuds Unveiled ‘“ Know Them Right Away!

Hidden sports feuds – Sporting world is so incomplete without its feuds and rivalries. Whether it is a big-time rivalry between two teams, two players or coaches.

Sporting world is so incomplete without its feuds and rivalries.

Whether it is a big-time rivalry between two teams, two players or coaches; it’s all just a part of the drama and excitement that a sport brings.

And while there have been very well documented and out to the public, there have been few that have been speculated to have happened, but not known or hidden from the media.

In the world of sports, there will be fights and disagreements but some have just taken a step ahead which did happen but might have been kept secret.

So without giving much away, here are the top feuds in the world of sports that EXISTED!

Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi (Tennis)
Tennis world’s two biggest rivals ever – Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi would always thrive to win and achieve success for themselves and country (both Americans) but from the outset, they weren’t all ‘mates’ as one would think. Although Agassi went onto win eight Grand Slam singles titles in his career, he could never catch Sampras and his 14 trophies, making the former a bit jealous of Pete. That did not end there as Agassi also criticised Sampras in an autobiography a few years ago, and it was quite obvious about their ‘feud’ as the duo exchanged unwanted pleasantries at a charity event back in 2010.



MS Dhoni and Virender Sehwag (Cricket)
The feud between these two celebrated Indian cricketers dates back to 2007 when BCCI appointed Dhoni and not Sehwag to lead the side at the T20 World Cup. After winning the title, the selectors gave MS Dhoni, the full responsibility of leading the ODI and T20 sides (Anil Kumble was the Test skipper then). Also, former India captain Sourav Ganguly told a Bengali news channel that MS Dhoni was behind the axing of Virender Sehwag.



Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia (Golf)
Barring the controversies, Golf number one Tiger Woods is still the best in the sport and has ruled the roost for quite some time. But many names came and went to rival Woods at the top, and one of them was Spaniard Sergio Garcia. He was supposed to be the biggest challenger to Tiger Woods in the early-2000s but unfortunately, the rivalry never took fruit.

With Woods clinching 14 major titles and Garcia still looking for his first, the duo have gone on separate paths but that hasn’t stopped them from taking potshots at each other. The hate between Woods and Garcia is very existent, with a long history and numerous examples of why they try and bring the other down anytime they get the chance to.



Wayne Rooney and David Moyes (Football)
When Sir Alex Ferguson stated that Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney pleaded to ‘leave the club’ back in 2012; that brought a strain the relation between the duo. Sir Alex retired and in walked David Moyes. The former Everton boss and Rooney had ‘fractious’ past and even though the former praised the England striker, some reports suggested that it was ‘Roo’ who brought the downfall of Moyes at the club.



Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard (Basketball)
L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant does not like former mates and that is included to Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard. During their play days at Lakers, Kobe and Dwight constantly have an argument with each other, as Bryant refused to let Howard come in and not adapt to the Lakers way. And the feud took to a new level when, Howard left Lakers for Rockets and the rivalry was unsavoury when the duo took the court.


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