You Won’t Believe The Wild Experiences These People Had On Their Honeymoon

Going on a honeymoon right after the wedding is like mandatory for every couple.

After all, you finally find peace in each other’s arms and get some time alone and away from the family rush.

Honeymoon is basically a savior for the new couple and a beautiful beginning to their future. Doesn’t matter what location you choose, you need to spend some quality time with each other. Well, for some people, that romantic holiday turns into a wild one and they can’t help but call their honeymoon one of the wildest experiences ever.

Haven’t heard any such story yet?

Here, some people came on Quora to share their wild honeymoon experiences and these are hilarious.

For this guy, a monkey became the problem:

“This will be fun! Ok, we were honeymooning in Langkawi at the Barjaya Resorts. One afternoon (post lunch luxuries!), when we were trying to get our ‘act’ together, this happened – Imagine two honeymooner’s dressed nude, and trying their luck on fancy positions. The resort room had a balcony, with a big window. We had not latched the window but it was very well tucked together and closed. In middle of our gymnastics, we heard the window door open, and a grown up, big sized monkey enter in. We were, as you can imagine – TERRIFIED! He gazed at us, and in a much composed manner – walked to the side table where some food items lay. He picked up an apple, and started eating it. I regained my senses and realized I was supposed to ‘do’ something about the situation. So there was in a nude avatar, just out of the complicated position – hustling away the monkey! It did go away – jumping through the bed, lending a final blow to my wife’s shocked state! Phew! A wild honeymoon afternoon – not the way you might want “wild” to be treated as, but well, literally!”

When she left her phone in waiting lounge:

“Our returning flight from honeymoon was around 9 PM. We both were sitting at the airport and chit chatting. After half an hour or so we boarded the plane. Plane was delayed due to connecting flight of other passengers. Passengers arrived and sat on their respective seats. It was a time for closing the door and I realized that I don’t have my phone!! I was scared as hell. Our entire journey was clicked on my phone . We were searching in our luggage but no luck! And I realized that I left it on the seat where we were chit chatting! It was time to close the door and He ran towards the one of the flight attendant and explained the situation. Flight attendant denied for allowing him to go back to the sitting area and suggested him to file a missing complain after reaching Mumbai.

I was numb at that time because those was our precious memories, our first memories as a couple. You know how important your honeymoon pics are, right? So, my husband told the flight attendant that our entire honeymoon memories are in that phone and requested him to allow him once, I don’t know what made him so kind that he allowed my husband to RUN (yes he literally said “RUN”) to the sitting area and there it was!My phone was there on the chair, he grabbed it and ran back ASAP. Everybody was staring at us and I wanted to die in a handful of water.”

There are many other stories and you can read them right there on Quora. I would like to conclude saying that these are the kind of experiences that make your honeymoon memorable than ever.

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