Who Sold Condoms First: Ranveer Singh or Sunny Leone? Or Someone Else!

Looking into the tiff between Sunnny Leone and Ranveer Singh about condom Ad.

Ok Guys!!

Now don’t start fantasizing about Sunny Leone standing at your next door kirana shop in her red bikini handing out condoms or Ranveer Singh coming over personally baring his chiseled chest to give your favorite box of flavored condoms.

All we are talking about is their latest tiff about the condom ads both are doing.

Ranveer Singh with his wild stud-like persona has become the first male actor to endorse a condom brand in the country. And that is what he is propagating all across the town. Nothing wrong with that, just that he is calling himself the first Bollywood celebrity to do so, instead of saying the first MALE Bollywood celebrity. Did he forgot that fact while experiencing the heights of ecstasy or is too excited about coming first? Neither is a good thing, am sure girls will agree with it, right?

Precisely this is something that is irking Sunny Leone who also endorsed a condom brand in a hot and seductive TV commercial few days back. She feels that she should get the due of coming first, oops, being the first celebrity to educate masses about such a good product. Well, we feel credit should be given where it is due; it’s only the right thing to do.

But in their excitement and adrenaline-rush, both have missed out on a little detail about a forgotten but once-upon-a-time sex diva of our country, Pooja Bedi! Yes, the original bedroom fantasy of a whole generation, who even made Amir Khan go weak in his knees in an itsy-bitsy (just like her clothes!) role, Pooja was the first Bollywood celebrity to have broken the norms and endorsed a condom brand on national TV. That too in an age when sex was a BIG taboo and something that was never talked about, even in the bedrooms!

We think, instead of fighting over such a silly issue, both should actually come together to promote their respective brands. Maybe a better idea would be both of them doing a movie together. That way both can promote their brands within the movie itself, like they can use the brands or stuff you know. Ahem Ahem! Hope Deepika is not listening. For that matter, we as the audience won’t mind such a casting coup, in fact would love it whole-heartedly! They can even name the movie as “Con-domb (dumb) and Dumber”!! Are those companies listening??

As of now, the matter is all heated up, just like them. Before it cools down, in the heat of the moment, literally, they should actually go ahead and do the rex… Errr do the movie!

Now whether they act on our advice or not, we, the youth of India, should ignore their claims to fame but follow the message that they are giving through their endorsements. Got the idea, right?

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