You are right Rahul, it’s a ‘viral programme’

Rahul Gandhi discovers India as a ‘computer’

Past two years, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been out on the ‘discovery of India’. Well, the good news is, after a few glitches he seems to have come to an understanding of the country. He has found it as a “computer”.

Not only this, he is also supposed to have diagnosed the default problem…err…programme of the computer – Congress.
This revelation came during a workshop he was conducting for the 300 odd youth of his party. The workshop was regarding the use of social media in politics and political campaigning.
During the workshop, Rahul baba (yes he is 43 years old, so what?) taught his NSUI and Youth Congress children that “If India is a computer, Congress is its default programme”.
You are indeed right Rahul baba, but we need to stop you here. Congress is the default programme, but one with viruses. It is marred with spywares like “caged parrot” and malwares like “cash-for-vote schemes”. Your system downloads only spam messages and the virus “scam” has hit the system quite gleefully. Your firewall of national investigative agencies and defence systems too are quite easy to hack as we have seen repeatedly in the past. The virus has corrupted the system so much that the important files are missing now.
Pity that you did not enlighten us about the server and its location. I am sure you will find the answers at 10 Janpath.
But let me tell you Mr Rahul Gandhi, default programmes with errors are never compiled and the common man knows that. We will find another good programme to fix our ‘computer’.


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