How People Judge You As Per Your Face

judged by face

Are you judged by face – There are a lot of reasons to get judged.

Sometimes it’s because of your habits, sometimes for the way you talk and most of the times for how your face is.

No, it’s not about being judged as pretty or ugly, it’s about people creating perception about you with that certain expression which is always there on your face. In fact, they even start knowing you as per that judgment without even talking to you.

Yeah, there some really judgmental people out there and you might be one of them too.

Be that as it may, let me tell you about how you are judged by face so that you can figure out what perception is usually made about you.

How you are judged by face –

1. Bitch Face

Yeah, that face exists. It’s for those people who are usually expression less and are lost in their own world whenever they are around strangers. They don’t talk with a smile on their face with stranger, neither do they laugh on every small thing. That face is called the bitch face and if yours is one, then you know what people call you, huh?

2. Innocent face

If you look at everything with a lot of focus and your face suddenly goes into a thinking mode whenever you see something new, you have that innocent face. People usually judge someone as innocent if that person looks a little scared and clueless from face.

3. Naughty Face

Those with naughty face keep on looking at everything in a very mischievous manner and their heads keep turning here and there with a naughty smile always there on the face. You will be called naughty if that mischievous smile never leaves your face.

4. Sad Face

Blank face is known as sad face and you must have noticed it yourself when someone is not talking much and is acting like he doesn’t belong to a certain place, that expression on his face makes it a sad face. Now, some may call it the depressed face too.

5. Funny face

Those who always have a smile on their face and greet every random person with a broad smile have that funny face. You don’t really have to be funny to have a funny face because people will judge you that way just by looking at your broad smile.

This is the way you are judged by face – Now to be judged as one of these, you don’t need to have that face because people will judge you the way they want to. If you don’t care about what they say, then it’s better to chuck it.

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