#BeingChashmish – The Brunts That You Bear For Being The Bespectacled One

In India, being bespectacled is not an interesting feat to achieve, as you will be mocked in the social circle like never before.

In India, being bespectacled is not an interesting feat to achieve.

You might find wearing specs interesting in the initial days, but wait till your friends begin cracking jokes at your expense.

They will call you all kinds of names that you are not used to.

You will be mocked in the social circle like never before. Below mentioned are a few names that they might use to embarrass you.



Inarguably, chashmish is the most common reference that we use to mock people who wear specs. So, expect them to address you with this notation the next time you face them. Sentences that begin with, “Aye chashmish” become common. The best advice is to own it; there’s no more mockery the others can do.

Double Battery Single Power


This reference usually comes from school children, when they address their bespectacled ‘colleagues’. Double battery single power, sounds childish anyway, doesn’t it? No adult would use this term! The phrase is more of an irony in itself because though you can see well than the others wearing spectacles, it is form of a weakness.



This form of mention can be an extended version of ‘chasmish’ and it’s more insulting nevertheless. Being tagged the same and this moniker spreading around you can do a lot of harm, you can believe that.

Four Eyes


You are referred ‘four eyes’ generally when your eyes appear big to other people, thanks to the glasses. They look like a frog’s eyes more or less and their augmented size does not work in your favour in any way. If you are a bespectacled daughter-in-law, who does not gel well with her mother-in-law, expect criticisms that say, “Apni mendak jaisi aankhen mujhe mat dikha. Noch doongi inhe.”



This is by far the funniest on the list and is a Marathi reference for a person wearing specs. Referring someone as dhaapnya instantly brings a laugh on people’s face and is definitely an ultimate insult. Do you have Maharashtrian friends? Well, good luck then.

Soda Bottle


They call you soda bottle when you wear thick spectacles as a result of the advanced stage of your poor sight. These glass frames are not only difficult to manage because of their weight, but a person is bound to look hideous behind them.



Naina, in Hindi, means eyes…plain and simple. And if you are a bespectacled girl, chances are that you will be named Naina.

Get used to it.


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