These Women Described The Exact Scene That Happened With Them During Child Birth !

child birth

Child birth – For a woman no matter how successful she becomes or career oriented or whatever, being a mother is one of the best feelings in the world for her.

I mean imagine making a baby inside you and then after some months seeing the same human being in front of your eyes and later looking at them growing up. Doesn’t it feel magical? Though the feeling of giving birth to a child is hard to express as it can be considered as the ‘New-Birth’ of a female here are some of the women who tried to express their feeling as they gave birth to her child or felt it inside their body.

So here we go:

I was in my 7th month and felt the kick of my child in my womb for the first time. It was the most beautiful kick one can ever experience in their lifetime. I felt a tickling feeling inside me and just wanted to feel that again and again. I guess my child was hungry at that time but I felt completely full from the inside. Full as in contentment, happiness and joy were all over and inside me. I just couldn’t wait to see my baby as I already realized how blessed I am.

I felt a sudden unbearable pain in my stomach; it was so bad that I felt as if someone dropped a thousand kilos on my stomach. It was then that I felt my water-bag burst and I was rushed to the hospital. I was not able to tolerate the immense amount of pain inside me. It was a spasm pain and every time my muscles contracted I felt my soul was getting out of my body. I was pushing so hard that I felt my guts coming out of my vagina. Suddenly everything came at peace as I heard a loud cry from below me. That, that feeling is something I just can’t express; the only thing I can express is the tears of joy which escaped my eyes. I couldn’t wait to see my baby, a part of me with a new life.

Me and my best-friend got married on the same day and got pregnant at the same time. We hoped that our children take birth on the same day as well. It happened as we planned. Both of us were taken to the same hospital and our beds were in the neighboring rooms. I could hear her yelling out of pain and same happened with her. Our children took birth on the same time and cried together. It was the most beautiful feeling for both of us. We were happier than ever for ourselves as well as for each-other. Now our children are best-friends just like us and we feel more like a big family.

Mine was a rather funny incident. My husband accompanied me to the delivery room as he wanted to give me motivation and mental support as I gave first child birth. I was screaming out of pain and he was crying ferociously while looking at me in that condition. As soon as my baby came out I felt a sudden relaxation but on the other hand, seeing my baby come out of my body, my husband fainted and straightaway fell on the ground. Though at such a painful process I couldn’t control my laughter and started laughing like a mad woman after screaming so much just a few seconds back.

These are some of the incidents that women tried to express during their child birth.

Though it’s difficult to convert this amazing feeling of child birth into words but they somehow found the way to describe it.

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