Womb Transplant – The Miracle For Infertile Woman

womb transplant surgery

India has again been successful in carrying out something different which it has never done before.

A team of twelve doctors yesterday in Pune have successfully completed a womb transplant surgery. It was first womb transplant in India. It was a 41 years old mother who has donated her womb to her 21 years old daughter.

Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute (GCLI) of Pune was the hospital to complete this womb transplant surgery –

Womb transplant surgery

  • Director Shailesh Puntambekar along with his team (11 members) carried out this womb transplant, which took around nine hours for the completion of the entire process. The process usually takes twelve hours for its completion. The uterus retrieval was done with help of laparoscopic process and hence the duration got reduced to nine hours.
  • There are very few countries which have carried out this sort of womb transplants and have become successful. With the success of this first operation, India has become one among those few countries. When you take a look at the count in the entire world, it is just 30 for now, including the one done India on 18th May 2017.
  • All women who are facing the problem of infertility are now able to gain hope. They will now be able to become mothers.
  • Now both mother (donor) and daughter (recipient) both are fine. The Donor is able to sit and have her food as well. They will be reviewed again after one year post discharge from the hospital.
  • The receipt should have to wait for at least one year to get pregnant through the IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION). This is the time that is required for the body to heal internally and also to get adjusted to the new organs in the body (Uterus).

So, now all women who have got their uterus removed, absent of uterus or a diseased uterus need not have to worry at all.

You will now be able to conceive just like all other women. But you should remember that the process is still complicated as there is a lot of complexity involved in the entire process. The best part of this transplantation even when the chances of conceiving are less is, your chances have increased to a certain level from zero percent.

So, this is something to celebrate and congratulate all the doctors who are involved in the procedure and wish the recipient all good luck.

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