Who Is Your Enemy? Do You Even Know That?


I’m innocent and have never done any wrong in my life!

I have always been cheated by others and my circumstances have worked against me!

The whole world is conspiring against me to bring me down!

Are you used to hearing such statements?

Or may be uttering these words quite often in life?

Do you know who is your enemy?

Let me put one thing very bluntly: you and only you are responsible for the life that you have!

Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, worst whatever it is; you are only responsible for it.

And this way, you are your own enemy for not living the kind of life you only dream of living!

How many of us claim to know about latest smart phones, gadgets, cars etc? And now, how many of us can claim to know ourselves, in and out? Our desires, the root cause of our anger, jealousy, insecurities?

I’m sure you got what I’m saying, right?

We are always living on the outside, but never inside. We feel sad and we can’t handle it so we start drinking. We feel angry and we don’t know how to control it so we get violent with our near and dear ones. We feel insecure and less confident about ourselves so we go ahead in sabotaging someone else’s career. We do many such things simply because we don’t know our inner self and instead of spending painful amount of time and energy to find the real “us”, we take the easy path: blame others!

We all are accused of this.

Running after astrologers, blaming family, colleagues etc for all the ailment sin our life makes our life go in circles only. Instead of breaking the pattern and growing, we keep blaming others, keep suffering and again blame others or circumstances for the rut we are in!

It is high time for us take responsibility of ourselves and our actions.

Knowing the world is the easiest thing, knowing yourself is the most difficult thing, but only that can help you grow in life.

To achieve all your dreams, you have to know your fears, your desires, your dark side, your good side, just about everything! And frankly speaking, one life isn’t enough to know your own self inside out! It is an ever going process which you have to follow if you want to be happy!

There will be many opportunities in your life to correct your path. Only thing is to grab them at this very instant!

Make you your best friend, not enemy by denying the opportunity to know you! Don’t be dependent on materialistic crutches to bail you out of troubles.

All the power is in your hands and within you!

Use it judicially and live your life, your way!

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