5 Signs That Indicate You Need To Tell Him To GTFO Of Your Life!

Tell Him To GTFO Of Your Life

“Tell Him To GTFO Of Your Life”

At first, every relationship seems perfect, filled with love etc etc. But when it gets old (Months-Years) mostly the lovable partner turns out to be a real PAIN IN THE ASS.

Yes, it really happens.

You know, like they always say- “sacrificing in a relationship is a must” but my question is, for how long? Or how many times? Even today, there are many (Girls) who tend to force ‘em self, to be with their partner, even if nothing is going right. And frankly, sex is not always the solution to make things right in a relationship. (Many think intimate is the only option) Not kidding!

Ladies, even though you’re married and things are going wrong, you’ve every right to ditch him.

Here are 5 sure shot signs that indicates, you need to tell him to GTFO of your life FOREVER.

  1. The one who always makes you feel MISERABLE

No one has the right to comment on your body and make you feel depressed (Not even your so-called lover). The one who is commenting on your body is someone who is insulting you. To the one reading this – Lady, if your partner is completely commenting shit, then it’ll make you feel uncomfortable.

So, don’t take that shit and make him realize about it.

  1. The blame is always on YOU

Simply, if you haven’t done any mistake, you clearly don’t need to apologise.

I’ve seen no matter whose fault it is, girls will say sorry and they’ll literally beg for it. Now, that’s worse. Right?

If you’re on the same track then lady, the problem is you because you’re making yourself seem small in front of him.

  1. He is a F*ckboy

Ladies, no matter how hard you fall for bad boys, in reality they’re always the worst. Especially, if you’re dating a f*ckboy i.e. worst kind of guy then tell him to GTFO, because he’ll always find ways to get his hands inside your pants. That’s it.

I’ll assume, you surely don’t need someone who only uses you.

  1. He has your REMOTE CONTROL

You know, there are many guys who’ll control their girlfriend e.g. they’ll tell ‘em what to wear, when to go out and stuff like this. If you’re sick of it, tell him about it and if he doesn’t understand it, then what are you waiting for? Ditch him and live your life the way you want too.

  1. Being flirtatious is his HOBBY

Wait, I’m not talking about a guy who flirts with his girlfriend. I’m talking about a guy who continuously flirts with other girls, looking for a chance to hook up with ‘em. In clear words, such guys are not marriage-material and they’re not serious at all.

Let him GO.

Note: – There’s always a good in GOODBYE.

If your man fall under the above mentioned categories then tell him to GTFO of your life right now.

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