8 Weird Facts of Condoms Are So Interesting That It’s Hard To Ignore


Condoms: you just cannot ignore it as it’s very vital for both to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sickness.

Everyone would agree that its greatest thing ever happen in the history of sex as we all know the consequences of not using it.

It’s cheapest form of birth control and best way to protect yourself against any STDs. We always read how and what about condoms so we thought let us share with you the lighter side which is as interesting as the product.

There are many unique and weird factoids that you may not be aware about :

  1. The official name for Condom in Danish is- svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel

It’s just looking like a group of letters but the fact is that’s formal term in Danish language. But there’s simpler word invented too. The common term is ‘gummimand’ which means ‘rubberman’.


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