Ten Double Standards Which Are Enough To Prove We All Are Hypocrites, Everyone!


Hypocrites – The world has got a good number of hypocrites that give lectures on being moral and what not! The thing that is horrifies me is that they lecture on being moral, but they do exactly the opposite.

Yes, and these are the ones that are referred to as ‘hypocrites’. I am sure; you all might have come across such buddies at least once. Or what…! Maybe you too are one!!

Maybe and may not me. But how do you get to determine the same? Well, here are set of double standards that are enough to prove you are a hypocrite too. So, fingers crossed ! Check them.

We all are Hypocrites –

1.  When someone fails an exam

ME:Poor loser

When I fail the exam

ME: That was really a tough subject.


2.  Me as an environmentalist

Save water!

Save earth!

Don’t litter on roads

Blah, blah!!

But I don’t recycle materials.


3.  God! Her suggestions are just so terrible just like her.

When I give a piece of advice to my friend

ME: I suggest you to go for it. And remember you have no other go.

Wait, it isn’t like suggestion. But it seems more like a compulsion. Sorry, but.


4.  When a colleague of yours gains weight

ME:(Giggles) Look at her tummy that is pushing forward her pants.

When I gain weight

ME: Hmm, the other day I order for gluten free pizza and they seem to have cheated. I am at NO fault.


5.  When you text someone

ME: Except reply within seconds of my message getting delivered.

When someone texts me and I don’t reply

ME:I was too busy at the moment.

Okay, you could have pinged the same at least. Ridiculous!


6.  When I wear western outfit

ME: You see this is the running trend that corporate working women like me gotta wear.

When someone else wears the same western outfit

ME: Look – Look! That looks really bad for her! Isn’t it?!


7.  When my room has every random wall poster

ME: Look, my room look super cool and trendy isn’t it!!

When my friend got her room themed the Kaleesi way

ME: O girl!! You are such a mess.


8.  When I talk about my qualification, talents etc

ME:Look buddy, how talented I am!!

When my friend talks about his talent

ME: Arrgh! Why is he boasting. Huff!!


9.  When I am struck in traffic

ME: O god! I am already running late to office. And this car in the front moves so slowly. Why doesn’t the driver understand I am in a hurry?!

When I am in traffic and someone keeps horning

ME: Ok! Let me obstruct his way even more.


10.  When I do something to insult my friend

ME: O dear, I was trying to pull your leg.

When my friend does the same thing

ME: You bitch, how dare you insult me!!

This way, we all are Hypocrites – So, what is up with you?! I am sure, by this time you have already started checking up yourself about this. No offence.

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