5 Places In India Where Black Magic Is Still Practiced By Many

Places where black magic is performed

Places where black magic is performed – No matter how modern or educated we are when we see lemons, vermillion and chilies on road side we dare don’t stamp them as our superstitious doesn’t allow us to do. It is a common belief that they are thrown after performing black magic and you shouldn’t stamp them. Yes black magic still exists and lots of people every year are killed in name of this and sad part is there are no laws to deal with this.

If you think black magic only exists in rural places you are wrong, big metro Politian cities are also victims of this witchcraft or black magic. These are performed by self proclaimed or aghori babas who charge whooping amount to perform this.

Places where black magic is performed –

1 – Odisha:

Near Kushabhadra River many dozens of bones and skulls are found under the River as black magic is performed in this area.

2 – Hyderabad:

Hyderabad is considered hub of such practices especially in Sultan Shahhi area. There are different babas that perform black magic some charge whooping amount of money some ask to have sexual intercourse with them and some even ask for “Animal bali”. Three more places in Hyderabad where black magic is practiced like Chitrika, Mogulpura and Shalibanda.

3 – Varanasi:

Yes the holy land of Varanasi also is a hub for black magic as there are many aghori babas that stay here in cremation grounds and eat corpses as they believe it increases their powers. Manikarnika ghat is where black magic is performed secretly.

4 – Kolkata:

Nimtala Ghat where deceased person’s last rites are performed is a place where even black magic is performed. Aghoris visit this place during midnight and eat the remains of dead bodies.

5 – Assam:

Mayong in Assam is quite famous for sorcery and black magic. Here many people get vanished, lost, and dead due to the black magic. There are tales of people being converted into animals in this place. Assam is also known as land of Black magic.

So, these are the Places where black magic is performed secretly on large scale and people are exploited in hope to offer solution for their problems.

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