TRY IT!! Redditors Gave Some Cool Ideas To Remove House-Guest Who Refuse To Leave Your House!

Ways To Tell Your Guest To Leave

Ways To Tell Your Guest To Leave – It really get’s annoying when house guest refuses to leave after spending too much time in your house, right? It gets more annoying when they keep on asking irritating questions. Let me tell you, you’re not the only one who goes through such problem.

Trust me; there are many people who are trying hard to deal with their annoying relatives or a certain friend.

Recently, a question was asked on Reddit “how do you remove a house guest that has over stayed their welcome”? I’m quite sure that you must’ve been in this situation too. You know, that moment when your relatives come and they stay for like 2 days, but then suddenly they decide to stay few more days and then it gets annoying. Look, this isn’t to hurt anyone; but you can simply try these below mentioned tricks if you are very much annoyed by your relatives or a friend who refuses to leave.

Well, note that it really needs guts to try these ways out, so all the best.

Here are ways to tell your guest to leave –

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Ways To Tell Your Guest To Leave

  • This method has always worked for me.

“Look, you know I love you, right? You’re my (friend/relative). I love hanging out with you. But I gotta say, it’s closing time. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. You’re welcome to come back some other time, but for now, right now, you gotta go.”

This way it conveys the intention with as little hurtful impact as possible. I’ve used this line verbatim dozens of times, and have never had anyone get upset because of it, and they always leave.

  • “Hey, Internet is down, wanna look at the 1800 pictures I took on my last trip to the mountain?”
  • Get into a loud extremely intense fight with somebody else who lives there. I mean, really dig into them. Call your wife an alcoholic, say you never loved your kids, claim that you’ve been sleeping with your secretary for thirty years. Whatever it takes. Make it super awkward for them, and they’ll usually disappear on their own.
  • I always say Alright guys, we gotta wrap it up. I wanna get some sleep.
  • Hey, I don’t want to be rude, but I’ve got stuff to do, and I think its time you get going. Thanks for coming though; we should do this again sometime.” If they try shit like, “Oh! What are you doing? Can I help/tag along?” – “No, I think it’s best if you just head out. Thanks though”
  • When they first arrive you cook them a nice roast dinner (a whole lamb is suggested). Over the next couple of days you use the leftover meat for nice hot pies and stews. By the 5th day it’s best not to reheat the meat due to bacteria, and the guest is overstaying their welcome so you serve the them cold shoulder as a hint to leave. Hence the expression.
  • Fake an argument with your partner.
  • Do you want a cup of coffee before you leave?”
  • Tell them something like “Hey, it’s getting late and I’d like some alone time. So if you would please…” while motioning toward the door.

Ways To Tell Your Guest To Leave- This is going to take a lot of guts, but try it, if you’re so damn annoyed by your relatives and friends presence.

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