The Journey from Indian Test cricket to Indian Premier League

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Peeping back into the beginning of Indian cricket history was in 1932, on 25th June. It is a memorable day of Indian cricket history when the journey initiated on the playground of Lords, England. Lord’s possesses a special place in the cricket of Indian history that did not reduce with time. Therefore, today standing into the age of IPL it shoves back to dolce and experience about the Indian test cricket to IPL.

The victory was not at all possible to the first call, after 20 years of delay to win the first cup was in hands of the Indian team.

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King of the test match, Indian cricket team

For long years of cricket in history, Bhagwat Chandrashekhar is known as the King of test cricket. His average runs of 4.07 is still a record with 23 ducks after playing about 80 test innings.  A leg spinner former player suffers from polio on his right hand from a young age. He is known as the Wisden cricketer of the year from 1972.

Victory in the Indian world cup

Till 1983, until Kapil Dev’s captaincy, the Indian team did not rank globally. Continuously in the international career for 50 years were the weak teams playing 35 test matches. After the arrival and captaincy of Kapil Dev, the Indian fast bowler in 1983 the Indian cricket team was home with the world cup. This was the first moment to cherish when believing as the weak team turns to “Go-great-guns”.

First ODI match

The first one-day match in cricket history was in Melbourne cricket ground, it was between Australia and England. The sudden change in the schedule to play ODI was due to the rainfall and wet ground. After which the conception grew favorable in cricket. Now One day was growing with reducing matches of Test Matches.

Test match scoring is always been a hard job when comparing with the ODI’s and IPLs. But the time consumption is the less and the maximum team can play. Hereby in 1974, the Indian cricket team stepped in ODI’s against England.

Transformation to IPLs

The ODIs have not lost their charm and enthusiasm with the transformation to IPLs. The India cricket team plays both international and national tournaments that are Twenty20. The innings reducing to mini-leagues introducing young energies to the India cricket team. Creating opportunities for the young teens who want to play cricket.

The first Indian Premiere league was in 2008 organized by the BCCI in Bangalore. Dhoni is known as the King of the IPL in 2020. Though there is less difference between the rule of ODIs and IPLs but the preference for both are variable. ODI’s own the 50 overs per innings while the IPL have 20 overs per innings.

Once again the players are playing for less time with 20 overs each team comparing to the 50 overs. Though the Indian cricket team is facing transformation each segment has its own caliber and proximity to attract and influence their vast crowds of fans and followers.

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