Wall of Kindness – An Idea Of Brilliance

Walls of Kindness

Walls of Kindness – An idea that is creating wonders, Wall of Kindness is a welfare / charity plan that is easy to do and a wonderful way to ensure that something that is not needed by someone finds its way to those who do need it.

An inkling that invented in Iran has found its way to India now.

The origin

This brainy idea was invented by an Iranian, who chose to not to disclose his identity and started a newfangled and effective way to help needy. And very soon, the whole Iran was filled with Walls of Kindness.

Whilst the startling winds of winter, in Mashhad, somebody hung out couple of clothes on hangers and wrote a big note, saying “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.” From the very next day many donations started to appear and the idea got spread like viral in cities, social media boost was there, but organically people were getting engaged to this just by seeing the wall once. The cold increased, the number of kindness walls increased as well.

What next? India stepped in, The Hyderabad Municipal Corporation also liked the idea and implemented a wall of kindness, where people could leave their unwanted or unneeded stuff and those in need could simply come and pick up things of their use. It was created at two places in Rajendranagar, donations were made in terms of clothes, books and other household things for needy public.

After Hyderabad, Noida couldn’t stand back.  Popularly known as Neki ki Deewar, the first Wall of Kindness got implemented in sector 25 in November last year and then one again in February of this year.

Indian youth forum implemented walls in Noida, following three more walls are being set up in Kanpur. Their aim is to set up 100 such walls in total to spread the kindness at the maximum point.

The concept got so viral, that Mysore also created the Wall of Kindness help the needy and impart emotions of sympathy and sharing in the city.

From rickshaw puller to every second needy, could visit the wall to find items they can use.

Walls of Kindness – This concept is quite simple and a spoon on a silver plate for needy people. This initiative that appears to have gone viral… for all the best reasons!

Expecting more walls to get a kind world.

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