Kashmir: Farooq Abdullah Creates Mess, Omar Abdullah Spreads It Far

Omar Abdullah also said that his NCP was a victim of repeated terror attacks in Kashmir. But he needs to understand that he is the head of the government in the state.

It is a classic case of like-father-like-son and propriety syndrome among political families. Union minister and National Conference president Farooq Abdullah thinks that Kashmir is his kingdom and his son, chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah agrees with it.

On Sunday, Sr Abdullah said that Kashmir wouldn’t be a part of ‘communal’ India.

“If India becomes communal, Kashmir will not remain with India. It will not remain. The people of Kashmir will not accept communalism at any cost,” Farooq said addressing a rally in Srinagar’s Khanyar neighbourhood.

And he did not stop there. He wished that those who support BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi should ‘drown’.

“And then they say those who don’t vote for (Narendra) Modi should go to Pakistan. (I say) those who vote for Modi should jump into the sea… Why should we go? This is our home. We are its owners,” Farooq said referring to statements of Giriraj Singh and Praveen Togadia.

First of all, if Sr Abdullah is so much concerned about India becoming communal, they should break their alliance with Congress who is appealing to religious leaders to help them gain votes.

Also, people supporting (or showing that they support) Modi are nowhere even mentioning ‘killing’ people. They just want to send them packing to Pakistan. But Sr Abdullah wishes their death.

Interestingly, it was Sr Abdullah who was CM of J&K when the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pundits started in 1989-90. It was no short of a state-sponsored ethnic cleansing where people of a particular religion where tortured, murdered and asked to leave the land if they had to survive. So much for the idea of secularism in the state!

What is more devastating is that Jr Abdullah, who was considered a bit sane in the social world, lost it all when it came to defending his father.

Jr Abdullah, who is now CM of J&K, reiterated that Sr Abdullah was right in saying that Kashmir should not be a part of ‘communal’ India. In a press conference and on twitter, he hit out at Modi saying that they (father and son) did not need a certificate on secularism from him. Earlier, he had said that he would prefer going to Pakistan than to stop criticising Modi.

He even hit out at Modi and BJP saying that it was VP Singh’s government at centre, Jagmohan was governor of the state and BJP had supported the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits at thattime. How truthful is that should be judges by the fact that Abdullah-led NCP was part of BJP-led NDA. Sr and Jr Abdullah have been a part of NDA cabinet too.

On the sidelines of his rally, Modi gave the strongest statement by far on Abdullahs’ mess.

“If someone is to go drown, then go look at the face in a mirror. Put your father’s picture in front of a mirror and ask with what face can those who have thrown out the Kashmiri Pandits talk about preventing regionalism,” he said referring to Omar. “These words do not suit him. We are silent but it doesn’t mean that you keep damaging the secularism that has prevailed in the country for thousands of years,” he added.

Meanwhile, twitter is ablaze with comments over Abdullahs’ fiasco. Have alook:








Omar Abdullah also said that his NCP was a victim of repeated terror attacks in Kashmir. But he needs to understand that he is the head of the government in the state. Recurring terror attacks does not make him a victim rather a failure who could not stop these attacks and exposes him further.

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