Ten Trans Men Share Their Difficulties When They Have Periods

Trans men

Trans men – Periods could never be a peaceful experience be it for women or of the trans genders. This painful phase that the body undergoes every month is the toughest part that we go through.

And here we have 10 Trans men sharing their difficulty when they are on periods.

  1. Dude, am on periods! And I feel fine except for the pain that comes with it.
    This feeling absolutely normal except for that pain and blood.
  1. It got so hard for me to believe I am a Trans man when I was on periods back then.
    Feels like why me ☹ seriously!! Cramps, bleed, mood swings WTF!
  1. Having periods, doesn’t stop me from feeling vigorously masculine.
    I feel manly and nothing can stop me from feeling manly.
  1. Yes, am a FtM trans man who got birth control pill to get rid of these so painful phase – periods.
    I Am an Female to Male trans man, I took the first pill for birth control to get rid of these periods and its pain it sucks I bleed continuously for 5 days with immense cramps!
  1. God, I have no idea of why these people make me feel inferior just because I am a Trans men and get periods. Let them all know it is a very common phenomenon of the body.
    I dono why people start making me feel bad for just being Trans gender man and for having periods. God must be answering them all!!
  1. I feel weak, tired, depressed and suffer a lot of mood swings – just because of these periods.

This one comes like a combo offer like cramps in the stomach, tiredness, mood swings and lot more. Imagine how strong and how much patience we gotta have to bear all this!!

  1. This always reminds me that am a Trans man and makes me feel inferior and awkward all the time.

Yes, this alone makes me feel so inferior and nothing else. And the worst part being I feel inferior almost every month ☹

  1. Argh, this fucks me up every month.
    Man, why every month ☹ Why not once a life time, I feel.
  2. Though, once a year I get periods and it leaves me feel feminine.
    This makes me feel feminine ☹ Why me god?
  1. Yes, Am a trans man. I get period and now what is your problem and how are you concerned.
    To all the jobless people out there, I would ask them to find a job for themselves and stop bothering about us. Jobless brats.

So, these were some difficulties that the trans men face at the time of their periods. Bad, they all must be feeling to undergo all this.

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