Indians Are Fighting Over These 5 Topics Everyday. What About You?

topics that Indians are fighting

Topics that Indians are fighting – There is a lot of aggression in every Indian, no matter what sort of personality they are.

If you give them a little chance and reason to bring that aggression out, they will do it in a moment. Believe it or not, but must of us just need a resason to fight and that’s why we always fight over such petty issues that don’t even deserve the time and energy.

So, what are those things that almost every Indian fights about?

Let’s figure out from these 5 topics that Indians are fighting over everyday.

1.  Parking spot

The recurrence of battles identified because of car parking in the area is more than the quantity of times Modi’s name was composed on his kurta . A few of us are struck by visual impairment when we seea sign which reads ‘No Parking’ and demand stopping our cars rigth there. What’s more, obviously, this sometimes falls short for a few of us who regard parking spot as one of their most prized ownership, more vital than a canister of petrol even!

2.  Fight for terrace

Those who are living in apartments, fights over shared spaces is a reality. Sometimes you had to wear the dirty shirt to office for three days as your neighbor questioned you spending all the space on the terrace to dry your garments. On the off chance that your neighbor is a tiny piece more possessive you need to ensure that nothing, NOTHING be it your daily paper, dustbin or milk, ever lie in their direction.

3.  That valuable seat on the Metro

Yes, we have all had a tiring day when we board the Metro while coming back from office. Thus, scoring a seat is high up on our needs list. From government to the metro to the driver, everybody is to be rebuked for the suffocated condition in which we travel. So, we wind up fighting for a seat.

4.  Social contrasts

An impeccably concordant social occasion can become terrible over a minute if by one means or another the people accumulated get to the subject of social contrasts. Regardless of being educated and empowered, we convey a few biases inside our souls. Furthermore, once a match is struck around this stack of explosive, high as can be blazes in the air.

5.  The North-South separation

Indians from topographically inverse areas in India get along fine and dandy. Unless they are by one means or another put in a corner where they are left with no choice however to begin calling each different names in view of their topographical areas. It’s weird and at the same time, it’s unhuman. Because in the end, we all belong to the same country if you believe in that.

These are the topics that Indians are fighting over everyday – If you are also fighting everyday over these petty issues, stop right now and lead a better life because this is not worth your time.

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