These 5 Tips Will Help You Survive In The City Of Mumbai 

to move to Mumbai

To move to Mumbai – Mumbai is a city of dreams that attracts millions of people every day.

While some of them manage to make this place a home, some just can’t cope up with the demands of the city and go back home all heartbroken. It takes much more than just a dream to survive in a city like Mumbai because everyone is here to live their dreams and it is much more than just a competitive world.

You have to find your place here, take others down, bring your best out and ignore the ones who try to discourage.

The thing is that no one survives in a city like Mumbai without a plan and if you are planning to move to Mumbai, these tips will come in handy.

Make sure, you follow all these and nothing will stop you from surviving here.

Plan to move to Mumbai –

  1. Do not think of living alone

A lot of people watch movies and think that it’s very easy to rent a flat alone in Mumbai but they are totally wrong. Accommodation is the most expensive thing in Mumbai and you cannot bear the burden alone. Make sure you either know people here with whom you can share a flat or you just find a place where sharing a flat is an option. In fact, a lot of people have flats in Mumbai who are willing to share it with people along with equal rent sharing and other expenses too. So, if you find one of those, life will be a little sorted.

  1. Say no to roads and yes to trains

I am sure that the city you are coming from has amazing access to road transport and you happily travel via car, auto and taxi there. But in Mumbai, if you have to travel a distance, train is the best medium. From a rich person to a middle class man, everyone travels in this train because nobody wants to travel a distance of 25 kms in 4 hours because that is what usually happens in Mumbai.

  1. Vada Pav is luxury

I am sure you have a lot of money but you can’t afford to spend it every day on food because it’s expensive here. But there is one thing which is extremely scrumptious and easy on pockets and that is Vada Pav. You can have it whenever you want and it will be a fair deal because it saves money and satisfies your taste buds too.

  1. Excuse the rush

People are so busy in Mumbai that they have no time to fight with you if they get a push in crowd or argue with you on anything for no good reason. So, if you ever get caught in crowd and few things happen to you, you really need to ignore it because that is an everyday story here.

  1. Just smile as much as you can

There is a lot of stress in this city and once you are here, you will be running in the fastest pace you have ever thought of. So, amidst all the stress and workload, do not forget to smile and make others smile too because that’s what really counts at the end of the day.

These are the tips to move to Mumbai – Now, if you are finally decidec to move to Mumbai, just keep these things in mind because a little knowledge always prepares you for the best.

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