These Signs Falls Into The Category Of Turning A Man On And Off!

Turning a man on and off

There are certain signs that normally results into turning a man on and off.

Ladies, you might think that they are the little things but in men’s dictionary these are the things that makes a big difference.

Well, let’s take it in this way; suppose you want to impress a guy or you’re sexually attracted then these “not-so-little-gestures” are the signs that can turn a man on.

And if you are thinking why your partner is unhappy and so on then check out the other signs as they are said to be turning a men off.

At first; let me tell you; the signs might be silly or weird but that’s the truth.

Turning a man on and off :

  1. When you bite your lips

This one is a sexy little thing to do & it grabs the attention of a man towards you.

Well, in detail I can’t explain about what changes they feel but yes this do turn them on. (Wink!)

  1. Wearing their t-shirts

Well, you must’ve heard this one for sure.

And it actually falls in the category of turning a man on. A man feels it’s quite a cute thing & they adore you as well.

  1. Black smudge under eyes

This happens when you go to your bed without washing the make-up totally & hence that’s when you wake-up like that. Actually the black smudged morning look is what men finds sexy and that attracts them a lot.

  1. Sexy dress

Yes, the sexy outfit is one more thing that attracts a lot. The sexy clothing thing on you is just irresistible for men for e.g. red sexy dress as well.

  1. When a woman enjoys sex

Sex is something that a man really wants & they don’t want it to be boring as well. Only talking about a man- they love when their partner is having fun during sex & not doing it for the sake of it. Get it?

Signs that turns a man off:

  1. Acting stupid

No offence, many girls pretend to act stupid in front of a guy by asking silly questions or doing dumb things. Well, that’s not attractive instead you’re judged & it is not liked by a man & thus it turns them off.

  1. Not being yourself

A man loves when a woman is independent & strong enough to handle her own situations. If you’re not being you & there’s always a question regarding who you really are and that pisses them off.

  1. Over smartness

Over smartness works for nothing here & thus you kill the chances of attracting him.

  1. Too Emotional

If you’re emotional it’s OK because your man will comfort you but if you are being too emotional in front of him in every situation than it is a thumb down.

  1. Trying to make him jealous

Men are good in understanding the jealous thing & at one point of time it just makes the relationship worse. So, in simple words avoid doing this act.

Sometime even you do not know that you are Turning a man on and off –

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