15 Things We Need To Stop Judging About Others!


The easiest thing in the world is to judge others!

There is no tax on it, no punishment for it, it is not a crime and yet gives kind of a sadistic pleasure!

However, what it actually does is spoils relations, stops us from knowing some wonderful human beings and stops our growth as an individual by closing so many doors of opportunity just because we judged someone without getting the details.

Here are 15 things we absolutely need to stop judging about others and we got to do it, now!

1) Age

It doesn’t matter how old a person is as long as he/she has a zest for life. No one should be put down or put on a pedestal owing to one’s age!

2) Sex

Yes, men and women are equal! Remind this to yourself at least twice a day so that you don’t consider women as inferior to men or vice-versa in any manner!

3) Weight

It is of no one’s concern as to how much an individual weighs. His/her body, their eating habits, their weight, their concern! Period.

4) Religion

Everyone has equal rights to practice their faith and follow a religion of their choice. How difficult is it to respect others’ choices the way we want others to respect ours?

5) Caste

Again, it is a man-made concept and has no bearing on how an individual is in real life. Considering someone superior or inferior based on the caste he/she was born in is one of the stupidest things we can do. Don’t be stupid!

6) Political Alignment

I have my ideology and you have yours based on our circumstances, conditioning, life experiences and education, if any! And no ideology can define an individual; an individual defines and follows an ideology instead!

7) Food

Someone might be a Bengali, but love Punjabi food! Their choice, right? Food doesn’t make a human being, human being makes food!

8) Dressing Sense

We wear the clothes that we like and we feel comfortable in. Who gives anyone the right to judge us for that? An extremely rich and educated man wearing dhoti is not suddenly going to become an illiterate or old-fashioned! Similarly, a girl in mini-skirt is not a slut and wearing Sari is not the purest of souls!

9) Entertainment Preferences

Someone gets entertained by watching movies; someone gets his kick out of watching sports! Each to his own! Don’t define an individual by the choice he makes in entertaining himself.

10) Language

No one is superior or inferior based on the language he/she speaks. Language is just a tool to communicate, not to define an individual.

11) Education

College degrees can only help in getting jobs, they don’t help to define how intelligent or dumb a person is.

12) Profession

A farmer is equal to a Prime Minister. Both are doing their best in their respective jobs so why to judge either of them based on their profession?

13) Way Of Living

I may want to live in a hut, you may prefer a palace. Still we both are equals and the way of life will not define us, it would just tell about our tastes and thoughts about life!

14) Family

I am part of a family, yet an individual first. What my family does on a collective level can have an impact on my thinking and actions, but it still can’t define me! My actions have to be judged for what I am, not for what my family is all about!

15) The Gadgets

I buy the latest phone and next month you might buy an even superior phone! Will it define us or give anyone a right to judge us and our tastes?

The best thing to live a happy life and have happy relations with everyone is to mind our own business without poking our nose in others’ affairs or judging people without being asked for!


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