Dear Modi Ji, We Want You To Ban These List Of Things For A Better India!!

Things to be banned

Things to be banned – There are many things that actually require a ban which will help in building a better nation.

Rather than fighting with each other we would want our politicians to unite and ban these things forever. Modi government has taken steps to ban a few but couldn’t implement it well.

Things to be banned – Ban means a complete ban strictly!

  1. Urinating in public places

Nothing like the ‘Swacch Bharat’’ mission could stop some from peeping on the walls and at public places.  No offence. Just the fact’s. Even beautifying the walls of the public places could stop people from spoiling them. So, such persons must be charged with fines that involve large amounts. At least then this terrible thing can be curbed.

  1. Cigarettes

Though the pack of cigarettes has statutory warning ‘Smoking is injurious to health’, seems like the statutory warning could also do no good in stopping the people from smoking.  Ohh liquor also I missed it!

  1. Littering all over

The people found spoiling and messing up the location by recklessly disposing the waste onto the roads and surroundings must be made sure that they are punished with fine and clearing all that waste by themselves.

  1. Adult films

Dear Government, make out policies that minimize the making of the adult rated films. Strict rules that prevent the showcase of these adult rated films to children.

  1. Drugs

A lot of youth in today’s world are seen too much addicted to dangerous drugs and ultimately spoiling their health and ruining their families.

  1. Sound pollution

Necessary changes must be made to curb the unwanted noises from exceeding the limiting levels of decibels.

  1. Plastic

Dangerous for health, as they release harmful element’s that cause cancer. It is just next to impossible for them to degrade in the soil.

  1. Child labor

It is so pity to see those little kids working in hard sun. This is just unfair to let those little ones work just to contribute their part to the family’s livelihood. Government should take up more initiative like free education, mid-day meals and many such schemes, that lower the burden of their parents to let those kids go to school.

  1. Abusive material that objectify women

Morals must be given more importance while making a film or any kind of an advertisement. It should be made sure that they don’t objectify anyone, specially women. And the ones that don’t follow the set-up norms, but be made sure they are banned.

  1. Child marriage

Damn, this one still prevails in our country. Ban this social evil.

  1. Cruelty on animals

The poor being are being tortured so badly. Punish the ones that torture those poor being and ban cruelty on animals, making it more serious offence.

These are the things to be banned  –  These are list of things that the people want ban Mr. Modi Ji making the country better place to live.

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