Here’s How You Can Wear Your High Heels Without Growing Blisters

High heels without growing blisters

High heels without growing blisters – Every woman has a dream crystallized in her mind to walk like a downright diva in high heels. Well, that is the thumb rule of being a fashionista and to turn heads too.

But tripping on high heels and growing blisters are everyday phenomenon for the damsels.

A lot of women would frown upon high heels under the fear of the aforesaid problems but what is life without challenges! We will here lay down a few ways you can save your feet from the blisters even if you dance all night in high heels.

High heels without growing blisters –

  • The first and foremost rule for wearing in high heels comfortably is to wear a lot of positive attitude and practise walking at your home. You should not hurry and take your own sweet time to get the hang of walking.
  • You should strengthen your ankle joints to walk in high heels perfectly. Stand on your left leg first with the heels on, hold this for some time then stand on the right leg. Meanwhile, you can do something with your hands like texting, make-up correction etc.

  • While walking on heels you need to always loosen your knees and walk with the tip of your toes while relaxing the ankles. Your bodyweight should be on your toes.
  • Wear a confident air while walking so as not to trip. You should activate your abs while doing the confident cat-walk, not slouch and straighten your back, push your breasts forward and shoulder backward, align the levels of your head and feet and look straight. Transfer the overall weight from body to fingers while walking your way up to glory.
  • Next step is to practise climbing stairs to reduce the chances of stumbling. Place the tip of your toes in the stair then lift your ankles. Make sure to hold your bodyweight in the toe tips while you climb up.

  • Use two Band-Aids in the ankles which will give you protection against the blisters. There are anti blister silicon patches available in the market too that give you respite from blisters. You can use insoles too that give a perfect coverage to your feet.

  • Make sure your shoes fit you just all right. A perfect fit curtails the chances of growing blisters pretty much.

These are the easiest ways to master walking in high heels without growing blisters. But then it is always practise that makes you perfect.

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