You’ve Got To Confess These 5 Things You All Do While Pooping

Things that you do while pooping

Things that you do while pooping – Pooping might sound too gross to many of us but inside we all know that it is one of the most important thing for a living being. We just can’t do without pooping, can we? Well, pooping is necessary not only to excrete the waste from our bodies but it’s also necessary to give some alone time to our own self.

One becomes a total multi-tasker while pooping and here’s the list of 5 Things that you do while pooping. You won’t like to accept it but you surely will agree on the following.

Things that you do while pooping –

1 – Singing:

No matter how stuck up you feel while pooping you generally detoxify and rejuvenate yourself by singing songs sitting on the commode trying to pick up the perfect rhythm of the song. Just because you are pooping doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to showcase your talent to yourself. You all turn into bathroom singers while pooping and you’ve got to agree upon this.

2 – Reading Labels:

You are scientists from the inside and that is revealed to you while you poop. How? Well, you know when you poop you pick up different products kept in your reach and start reading every word written on it. From the name to the instructions, from the composition to the expiry date. You read it so carefully that you become eligible to write a thesis on the same. I am serious!

3 – Situational Thinking:

You mind-storm a lot while pooping. Thinking about how to handle already existing situation and could-be-existing situations, you map proper scenes on your mind which includes your dialogues, the other person’s dialogues, expressions, spots and what not. You turn into a scriptwriter once you start pooping.

4 – Judging your Belly:

Common, you’ve got to agree upon this that while you poop you do take a look at the bulging belly of yours and judge yourself based on that. Skinny, fat or just a food-lover, you relate every adjective to your belly. Just because siting on the commode gives flesh-stairs to your belly which gives you another possible means of passing time while pooping. Isn’t it?

5 – Digging your Nose:

Oh yes! Not to miss excreting from other places while pooping we have got to admit that many of us clean our noses while pooping. It’s not gross to be honest; it’s just another way that you excrete out waste. You need not feel awkward about the same, like seriously. 

These are the Things that you do while pooping – So, we just read the “chamber of secrets” codes of passing time while pooping and no matter how gross it sounds to you, these things are one of the most common practices we have adopted by default. What we conclude here is that Pooping is indeed an interesting task.

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