Portuguese Heritage Of Goa “Basilica Of Bom Jessica”

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The period, when Portuguese invaded India, in search of spices has been the important phase to discover India. The story of the popular invader Vasco-da-Gama is not hidden when they arrived with 15 ships and returned to his country, Portugal in 1501. The construction of the Portuguese heritage of Goa was after the first invader had returned to his country.

In 1594 the Basilica of Bom Jessica had started the construction, which still stands as the UNESCO, heritage of India.  The endowment, of the church being not only the oldest Church in Goa but also of India, is famous for the Baroque Architecture.

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Importance of baroque architecture

When you visit the church, the wonderful presence and beauty of the ancient form of architecture are observed in India. Highly decorative, an art form that evolved in Italy had seen the main exposure during the 17th and 18th centuries. A new level of architecture template added to the churches. Even today, the visits to the beautiful church have been impressive to experience the artwork after centuries.

You can see the sculptures of angels and paintings at the roofs, including the walls of the church, heritage of Goa. The height of the church that equals to the three-story houses of modern times. Decorated, twisted columns with colorful lights work.  While it was the time that Rome was facing the high Baroque architecture during the 16th century when the Portuguese heritage of Goa, was established.

The age of the church has turned to 400 years, which was introduced as the minor basilica in 1946, which is now one of the heritage of India.

A place for visitors and feast

Not only as a heritage and worship place, but the church also remains busiest during the fest of the St. Francis Xavier. The church has been the home of saints so, the busy Goa turn further busy during the fest. The open spaces crowded with locals and the tourist make the feast the month Zmemorable each year. In December, Goa is filled with tourists, and the annual feast is celebrated on the 3rd day of December every year. This is the time when the entire part of Goa is visited by different parts of the world including the heritage of Goa. Find people crowded sitting, dancing, and enjoying at the beaches of the smallest state of India.

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Exploring the cultural and religious destination of the Portuguese heritage of Goa will increase the wisdom related to art, culture, and religion. Juliao Simao Domingos Fernandes who provided their artistic concepts as the architects in the interior sculpture work of the church. People visit the church to confess, for prayers every Sunday. Apart from the historic monuments, people believe that the place endures the magical experience to heal pain and health. The enormously beautiful place located near the Mandovi, of Old Goa. This UNESCO World heritage also has the silver casket with the dead body of St. Francis Xavier’s,  the mausoleum was presented by the last ruler of Medicis, Cosimo III, the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

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