5 Workable 3-Minute Exercises You Can Do To Relieve Neck Pain!

Best Neck Exercises

Best Neck Exercises – Honestly, neck-pain is the worst thing to deal with.

Seriously, neck-pain never lets you concentrate on things properly. It’ll keep on causing trouble and that’s how you end up wasting more and more time on thinking about the pain, right? Actually, lower back pain and neck pain disturbs a person’s life a lot. And honestly, it needs to be treated at a right time.

Thus, there are many exercises that one can do to deal with neck-pain easily. Some people do massages but that doesn’t help all the time.

Frankly, if you’re the one who experiences neck-pain a lot, then do this 3-minute best neck exercises and get rid of the pain quickly.

  1. Neck Retraction

In order to strengthen your muscles, you need to do this exercise. All you need to do is, sit on a chair, sit straight, and bring your head straight back and then take it forward. Keep your eyes straight and keep doing this exercise for 3-minute, then see the difference.

Do this exercise every-day and then see the difference.

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  1. Corner Stretch

This one is done by many people and is quite popular as well. Do it daily an ease your neck-pain quickly in time. Keep in mind that this exercise needs to be performed at the corner of the room.

All you need to do is, Stand two feet back from the corner by facing the corner space. Keep your feets close together. Place your forearms on each wall, and then bring elbows at a little shoulder height. Lean as far as possible and then you will certainly feel the stretches.

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Best Neck Exercises

  1. Head Drop

In this 3-minute exercise, stand straight and keep your eyes in front. Now, try to bring your head back as far as you can and go comfortably back till you set your eyes on the ceiling.

Later return back to the neutral position.

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Best Neck Exercises

  1. Try the rotating

In this exercise, turn your head to the left side, in a way that your nose is over your shoulder. Later repeat the same thing with the right side. Keep doing it quickly and daily 3-minutes.

Best Neck Exercises

  1. Cranio Cervical Flexion

All you need to do is nod your head up and down. This exercise helps stabilize your neck and it helps you to ease the pain by giving you a straight position. So keep nodding yourself for 3-minute continuously.

Set a timer and do it.

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Best Neck Exercises

These were Best Neck Exercises that you must try daily.

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