Aghoris Do These 6 Things That You Cannot Imagine Even In Your Scariest Dream !

Things aghoris do

Things aghoris do – There are four types of people in the world when we talk about the existence of God on earth.

Some of them fear God and hence keep doing ‘Good’ things to please Him, some of them don’t believe that He exists, some of them love God as their guardians and some of them who are the least in number force God to notice them which is generally done using negative means.

These people are hard to describe but there’s one term that has been given to them and that is “AGHORIS”.

They exist in every part of the world but the most prominent ones exist in India so we’ll put the limelight on them ‘only’. These people go to any inhuman extent to reach god and attain supernatural powers from Him. You won’t believe your eyes when you read about the means they use to reach God.

Buckle-up folks, we are about to unleash the most disastrous category of human beings – Things aghoris do.

Things aghoris do –

things aghoris do

1 – Aghoris never cut their hair-

They are far away from any beautification process and live with what happens to them as each day of their lives passes. They don’t shampoo or cut their hair at all, in-short they don’t care about the hygiene of any sort and hence are often seen with long and dirty dreads which obviously occur naturally to them.

2 – They are doctors-

Aghoris often believe that they have a cure or medicine for the deadly of the deadliest diseases in the world which includes cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis and what not. The only problem is that they make diseases from ‘Human Oil’ which has a sole ingredient of human body residue which is left-out after the human body is burned for cremation.

3 – Dead bodies are their way of meditation-

Aghoris are very inclined and serious about meditation as they need concentration to connect with God and increase their powers. The only catch in the entire process of meditation is that they meditate while sitting on a human dead body. Everything that they do or tend to do involves dead bodies and things like that. This is something which makes them too spooky to handle.

4 – Eating dead human bodies-

One thing that these Aghoris mainly feed on is dead bodies of human beings. They spend most of the time in cremation grounds puffing weed or hash (charas or ganja) as they have to fight the weather conditions and it also helps them concentrate on their practices. In fact the last stem which confirms that they are certified Aghoris is that they have to feed on dead human flesh. Can you believe it? They seem more like scavengers, isn’t it?

5 – Having sex with a corpse-

Yes, one of their ritualistic practices includes having sex with a human dead body of a female. They somehow find a complete dead body and no matter in which condition they find it in they clean it, worship it and have sex with it. Aghoris are sex-maniacs and they only LIKE to have sex with dead bodies and not living human beings. Have you ever heard something weirder than this?

6 – They prefer nudity-

Aghoris are those people who prefer to stay nude in all the weathers. In summers its fine for them in India to roam naked in order to stay away from the heat of the atmosphere but in winters they take the help of increased drug doses to fight the cold. They are mostly seen in least amount of clothes on their bodies or no clothes at all.

These are the things aghoris do – These are only some of the sneak-peeks that have been taken in the lives of AGHORIS. There’s a lot more to it that has been kept away from us and that’s just because they somehow don’t consider themselves to be part of the normal society. They practice black-magic and hence, have formed a hidden, doomed  world of their own.

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