These 10 Pictures Will Make You Fall In Love With Mumbai!


Seven tiny islands of Mumbai are made up of chaotic but have mesmerizing melange of whiff of freshness, tumultuous madness, contrasting colors and dash of drama, thanks to Bollywood.

Once Salman Rushdie said- You can take the boy out of Bombay; you cannot take the Bombay out of the Boy, you know. We cannot imagine our lives without it if your ever lived here as this city is an experience and not just a place.

To make other readers realize how we have some snapshots as pictures say thousands of words so  let’s take a look at pictures that have precisely caught the spirit of the city.

1.  Mumbai locals are life line of this city. If this comes to halt then the whole city comes to a standstill. Thousands of thousands of travelers travel from one part of the city to another part, each having dream in their eyes to make it big, for the city is known as city of dreams. This sepia toned picture of the station is one of the best shots that captures the essence of city. 


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