Tehelka case: Who is Tarun’s ‘˜protector’ in UPA government?

This union minister is Tejpal’s relative and owns stakes in Tehelka. Fingers point towards UPA minister Kapil SIbal.

When the Tehelka sexual harassment was gaining media attention, another story which was running by the side was how difficult it will be to indict offender Tarun Tejpal who has high connections due to his powerful position as a media mogul.

Two weeks since the case came to light and several media organisations carried columns of various writers who were questioning Goa government’s swift actions in the case. The statement which was made in each of them was indicating towards BJP’s old strife with Tehelka and Tejpal.

Immediately after these columns gained public attention, Tejpal himself issued statement giving political twist to the controversy. He said that the whole case was politically motivated and that BJP was behind it.

Congress, whose members are yet to condemn the incident more vociferously, backed his claim. This coincides with the claims of few media watches that a Congress minister owns stakes in the magazine. They also stated that this minister was Tejpal’s relative – his maternal uncle.

Today, BJP leader Sushma Swaraj reiterated her party’s claim that a minister in central government was protecting Tejpal.

The only minister in central government who is related to Tejpal and owns stake in Tehelka is union minister Kapil Sibal. However, there is no evidence to corroborate that Sibal is protecting or trying to protect Tejpal. But with the relation and stake established, less is left for imagination.

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