10 Everyday Things That We All Split Our Hair About

Everyday things

Everyday things – We are a frustrated breed.

From fighting tension at work to handling family issues, we go through a lot in our professional and personal lives.

As you wait patiently for the weekend to arrive, we take a look at 10 everyday things that we all split our hair about.. read on:

Everyday things –

1 – Waiting for the phone to ring:

Whether you’re waiting for your lover to call you or somebody important to get back, waiting for the phone to ring is the worst feeling ever. It can make you want to punch the wall in frustration.

2 – Waiting for the traffic to clear up:

Getting stuck in traffic, especially when you have to meet a special someone or be home for an important occasion, can be really frustrating. And if you’re from Mumbai, you would already be bald by pulling all your hair out in utter annoyance!

3 – For the salary to get credited:

We all make elaborate plans before our salary is credited into the account. From shopping sprees to rents to surprise gifts, salary is frigging important.

4 – Annoying guests to leave:

One thing we all hate is when am annoying distant relative comes home and refuses to leave. Even after the customary snacks and dinner, they sit around chit-chatting. *Rage alert*

5 – Monday blues:
This is the day when everything goes wrong. You either mess up by mistake or because of someone else’s idiocy. Whatever it is, nothing ever good happens on this day.

6 – Yummy food to arrive at a restaurant:
You’re famished. You’ve arrived at the poshest restaurant possible. You’ve ordered yummy food. But the waiting phase for the food arrive is the worst. It can kill you. Trust us!

7 – Waiting for the exams to get over:

Whether they are career-defining exams or general tests, we all eagerly wait for them to get over. It’s frustrating as most Saturday night plans and get-togethers and even festivals happen during your dreaded exams. Ouch.

8 – Pushy crowds:

From pushy crowds on local transports to movie theatres to office elevators, we have to deal with this breed every single day. And it can make us curse at the top of our lungs. Why can’t people follow the ‘Q’ system? Why is it so tough to let those in front of you move ahead?

9 – People walking slowly in front:

When you have to teach somewhere on time, you obviously don’t want to walk behind those who take their own sweet time to walk. They can be really annoying as they don’t just waste their own time, but also hold the rest of us up. How many times have you wanted to physically push them ahead in order to walk faster?

10 – Slow net connections:

And finally, the universal irritant is undoubtedly ‘slow net connection’. You not only want to punch the computer/laptop, but also want to pull out your hair and beat anybody who is working on a fast net connection. Do you agree with us or not?

This was our compilation of the most annoying things, what about you? Do you want to add any more to this list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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