A Letter To All Those Who Are AFRAID To Take Risk In LIFE!

Take Risk In Life

Take Risk In Life – Firstly, what is stopping you from taking risk – is it FEAR? Yes, it is. I guessed it, right?

You know what; I’ve been there, and I know what it’s like to lose opportunities by not taking risk. FEAR – It really holds you back. There are many people who will come up to you, and they’ll say “TAKE RISK AND SET YOURSELF FREE”.

Take Risk In Life –

Why “SET YOURSELF FREE”? Because, maybe they know, that when we don’t take risk to do something that we are really good at, we end up regretting it, and that disturbs us more than anything else. “RISK” – This 4 letter word is as powerful as “FEAR”. But, you need to be smart enough to choose one thing. I’ll assume that you’re in your 20’s, and you’re stuck. As in, you’re not understanding what you should do in life. On one side, you see there are lot of opportunities, and on the other side, you’ve to take risk to achieve that.

What do you choose? Losing the opportunities, because you can’t take risk. Or maybe because, BEFORE taking any step, you already decided how it’ll end. You know, sometimes, we go into the negative zone i.e. we think that this job opportunity is a good one, but then we don’t try because we think “too much” and the negative thoughts start haunting up.

No matter what; there are times when FEAR really wins.

Take Risk In Life

But, do you think that you should give importance to your fear? Do you think that it’s going to take you places? Do you think that you’ll able to achieve success? No, right? You know what the answer is, when you let your FEAR win. I would like to tell you, that even I lost many opportunities. I knew the things that were right for me, but I couldn’t take the risk, and so I ended up regretting it for a long time.

I’m not saying that now I’m an expert, or I take every risk etc. No, to be honest, I’m just as you are in some situations. And the reason I’m writing this, is to motivate MYSELF and YOU. I want you to understand, that you can’t let your FEAR win. You need to take risk to climb the success ladder that you’re dreaming of. I want you to take a step ahead, and I don’t want you to look at others success and get jealous.

They did it, because they believed in themselves, and they took a risk. It’s your turn, and you’ve to believe in yourself.

Do you think you’re a good writer? GO FOR IT. Do you think that you should start a business? DO IT. While doing it, don’t think about the negatives. Even though you will not end up getting good results, then that’s FINE. You know; in the end, you’ll feel good that at-least you tried. Chase your dream, and if you don’t have one, create one that takes you towards success.

Take risk in Life – Do you have anything to add, so that our readers will be motivated? Let us know in the comment section below.

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