Love Music? Here Are The Reasons Why We Get Addicted To Music.

addicted to music

Addicted to music – There’s a quote saying “Music is my life and lyrics are my story.” This quote was our DPat least once in our life. Isn’t it people? From the sunrise to sunset, day to night, be it work, exercising or anything. It feels incomplete without music. We just love music and associate it with our treasured moments in life and whatnot guys.

So, as we are hooked to music here are a few points revealing the reasons behind it.

When you are addicted to music –

addicted to music

  1. The “Happy” Hormone.

Yes, you have read it right.  The culprit is the happy hormone which is nothing but the dopamine which is released in our brain when we listen to music. Many psychologists and scientists stick to this reason. When dopamine is released there are chances of increase in life span too. Now that’s interesting right! Basically, when we perform actions we love our brain stimulates us to repeat them in a loop.  Thus, we end up listening to the songs again and again, also gaining more happiness and much more.

  1. “Connectivity issues”.

Generally, when you listen to your favourite song you might have remembered those lovely incidents and many lovely things in your life for sure. As the song starts we just get connected to it entering into the wonderland and we only return back once it gets over. Connectivity issue comes into play exactly at this point. The songs just connectus to every possible thing in the world, our life and what not. More the connectivity more is the song dearer to us. In my case, this was the one of the major reasons for the addiction. Psychologists say that when song integrates itself with emotion, it’s more likely to connect to the listeners. For instance, when we are in a sad mood we often listen to sad songs which carry the sad emotion within them.

  1. “The Mere Exposure” Effect.

This psychological tactic is the pop music mantra. It uses the principle of familiarity to influence the people. More precisely, if you observe, most of the pop songs will be having the “repetitive” lyrics in them. When the lyrics are being repeated subconsciously our brain will figure out the next few lines and that’s how we find it familiar and get addicted to that song. This effect is also used by people to influence other people.

This effect is a boon to advertisers. They are just going to use random addictive music and put it in your head by playing their frequently in all possible sources to makethe customer always have their product name in their head. Thereby, you end up buying the product regardless it is useful or not.

In the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, it was written: “A song can be made addictive, just by making it sound a bit familiar.”

  1. Ancestors are to beblamed.

Did you ever see the tribal people group dances ever? Do you know why do they do it? Well, there’s a strong reason behind it. The thing is that they employed music to strengthen the social bonds. In fact, before writing came into practice people used to remember stuff using music.

Remember “ABCDEFG” song of our childhood? Probably this might be reason to teach us the alphabets in a song. We cannot forget the alphabet song throughout our life guys. Do you agree to it?

Reasons you are addicted to music – Hence, these are the reasons for our unending love towards music. And do you know one thing? Like the alcohol, nicotine addiction music addiction can also become as dangerous as them. Researchers insist that, usually, when you listen to a few songs you tend to feel more depressed and emptied. Anyways, music is the magic sauce of our life and it has many benefits too.

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