Successful People NEVER Say These English Words !

Successful people

Successful people – Being successful is not a position; it’s a journey of building yourself into someone you always wanted to be, achieving what you always wanted to is what makes you successful as in, being successfully able to complete their goals or something of that sort.

There are some things which are common in all the successful people no matter where they are situated, what kind of background they belong from etc. So today will talk about the pettiest common thing about successful people that you could’ve never thought of.

We have a list of 8 English words that it’s a big NO-NO for them. So, here they are:

Successful people –


Honestly’ is a word that that we tend to use to emphasis on the authenticity of something that you are saying. But, one thing that we haven’t noticed about the word is that the emphasis which it puts on one sentence is so much that it makes the other sentences look fake or not that truthful. In order to avoid that kind of indirect confusion your words would cause, you’ve got to lessen the use of the word.


Very is absolutely useless at most of the places we try to use it at. It looks really laid-back once you use it with everything. For example, instead of saying ‘The rock was very big’, you can say ‘The rock was Gigantic’. This looks a lot better, doesn’t it?


Always and never’ are some words which can be considered the same when it comes to usage. These words areused when we want to talk about something that is absolute. These words make the user sound close-minded and conceited.


Literally’ is weaved from the word literal which means exactly. Until and unless you are describing something in the exact manner as it happened, avoid using the word.


Just is a word which is used to explain statements in the most minimized form. Saying just makes you feel apologetic or in some cases it makes you look defensive. In the sentence ‘I just bought a pen from the market’, just is making ‘buyinga pen’ seem like a mistake.


But’ is used in order to connect two sentences. Avoid using ‘but’ between sentences which are first positive and then negative. Instead of saying ‘I like him a lot but he is too poor for my standard’ you can say that, ‘I like him a lot and I wish that he would become rich one day’.


Stuff’ is used in places where you want to talk about similar things or other parts of the same thing. But using the word ‘stuff’ in every place makes you look as if you’re unsure and also confuses the listener. You need to avoid such confusions.


Maybe’ is a word which is used to show uncertainty about something but if you use ‘maybe’ for your own actions then that can tamper your own impression on people and can confuse them. Saying ‘Maybe I am going to the college tomorrow’ shows that you are not sure about your own self which is a pull-off.

We don’t pay much attention to the usage of words which have been listed above but don’t all these make sense? It does, right? Little things like these can make a big difference in your life, so it’s important to take a note of them.

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