10 Priceless Things From Our Childhood That no Money Can Buy

Childhood will never come back and those were the golden days of our lives. We did a lot of frolic and gambol, fooled around with distinct lightness of spirit. Sitting in solitude, our minds still dwell in the past where there were innocence, simplicity and small things made us happy and we call it childhood.

While relaying the anecdotes from our youth where we had no access to phones or social media, we mention about playing games, like real games not the online ones. The time we spent outdoors heaped us with happy memories for a lifetime. We took life with unconcerned casualness at that segment and did a few things those were priceless. Here are them to make you more nostalgic:
Playing Carrom Board:
Playing carom during the evening in summer holidays was the best thing to do in life. There were even carom matches held and we as kids, always looked forward to participate in those. Not to mention, all of us wanted the queen to make ours.

Talking on landline phone:

No matter how much our feet ached, we didn’t mind chatting away with our friends in those enormous landline phones. Remember doing blank calls just for fun?

Pyjama parties:

After lots of cajoling, when our parents agreed to let us stay in the friend’s place overnight, we spent all night chatting about our respective crushes and imagining things together. Little did we study.

Reading comic books:

Comic books acquired a significant part of our childhood. We even hid those in the fold of text books pretending to study. There were comic books like Tarzan, Chacha Chowdhary, Tintin that took us to a different world.

Going to cyber café:

Since not all the households, in fact most of them hadn’t access to internet. We, as teenagers had to go to the cyber café to use it. There were no Facebook or Instagram back then but MSN Messenger had a huge moment among teenagers.

Getting temporary tattoos:

Remember the water tattoos that came along with chocolate, biscuit packets of some given brands? We thought it was ‘cool’ to stick them upon ourselves. Aww!

Collecting Trump Cards:

Ranging from WWF Trump cards to Cricketer Trump Cards that had pictures of Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Ajay Jadeja, Sreesanth, Rahul Dravid in them. Gone are the days, sigh!

Smoking Phantom cigarettes:

This one still feels like yesterday! We bought these for a meagre amount and pretended to be adults while smoking, err! Sucking them.

Cycle competitions:

We were high on adrenaline during coming back home and the inner cyclists came out.

Window shopping:
Whenever there was a new shopping mall opened in the next galli, we nudged our parents to take us there just to window shop.

We lived vividly during our childhood and so want to time-travel back in those days.



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