Do You Experience Breast Pain? If Yes, Then Here’s What You Must Know!

Reasons Your Boobs Hurt

Reasons Your Boobs Hurt – Do you experience pain in your boobs? And to get rid of it, do you apply body lotion? Well, if you do, then it’s time to stop it. Oh, are you thinking why? Alright, read this- Applying body lotion can cause more harm and the pain will start getting double. As in, you will experience red spots, soreness and cracked skin etc. I’m actually quite sure that many girls must’ve experienced these things.

I know, breast-pain can turn to be dangerous (cancer), but you don’t have to directly jump on the big conclusion. ‘Cause there can be simple things that can cause you pain. So, do not ignore them as well. So, before you cry out the tears thinking that you might have got cancer etc etc…here’s something that you must put forward and put in your mind too.

So, here are the reasons your boobs hurt.

  1. You are growing

Boobs grow and then it develops some changes too. So, if you’re still going through your puberty, then change in breast, and even the soreness is quite common. It happens with each and every girl, so this time; maybe it’s your turn.

  1. You’re wearing a wrong-size bra

There are many girls who really don’t care about the bra they’re wearing. Now, for e.g. repeating the same wrong size bra or correct size (but for too long) can be very dangerous. You need to understand, that when you wear small size bra, your boobs squeeze and then it hurts. And, when you wear a bra which is too big, then there’s no support system for your boobs.

So, change it and let ‘em be happy.

  1. You exercised too hard

Going out for a morning run, wearing an unsupportive bra can ring the bells later. Or simply carrying some painful body exercises can cause you a big trouble. You need to be careful while doing the push-ups and you’ve to be sure that you don’t do an activity that can cause a chest muscle pain.

  1. You have lumpy breast

Lumpy breast doesn’t always mean that you’ve cancer. Lumpy breast are actually common and it is been said that it affects more than 60% of women. If you’ve lumpy breast also known as “fibrocystic Breast Tissue”, then you’re more likely to experience the tenderness.

Also, experiencing pain during menstrual cycle is quite common.

  1. You drink too much coffee

Coffee has disadvantages too. So, if you’re someone who drinks too much coffee, then this can cause a big trouble. According to the source, there are many women who experienced reduction in pain, only when they stopped consuming coffee.

Reasons Your Boobs Hurt- So, change your bra and don’t panic. Any queries? Comment below.

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